Breathe, again

By: sonofabeach96

Dec 18 2015

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Mornin’ everybody.  I don’t know about y’all, but this past week has kicked my ass.  I’m mentally drained, physically spent, and sensory over-stimulated.  I need a break.  I need to be relaxed.  I need to be mellow.  I need to be weekended.  If your week has been like mine, may you find a couple of days of respite to be just what the doctor ordered.  TGIF, my friends!!!

In honor of mellowing out, finding ones groove, or unlocking the shackles of stress, my songs of the day are:

“Riviera Paradise” by Stevie Ray Vaughn

“Get Up Offa That Thing” by Tim O’Brien

“Time Out of Mind” by Steely Dan

“Ventura Highway” by America

“Feel Alright” by Steve Earle

“Into The Mystic” by Van Morrison

“Lay Down” by Son Little

“Let’s Groove Tonight” by Earth, Wind, and Fire

“Cool Meditation” by Third World

“A Moment To Myself” by Macy Gray



17 comments on “Breathe, again”

  1. Awesome picture for this post! Have a great weekend, my friend.

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    • Thanks! It’s the creek we cross going down our driveway. It looked very serene this morning, made me just want to hang out and call in to work! TGIF for sure! Hope you have a relaxing weekend yourself.

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  2. +1 for the drama this week. I thought I was alone. It was like hitting a brick wall. I had already taken a week off and had the most relaxing weekend ever, last week. Hope to rinse repeat this weekend, too. Have a great Friday at work, my friend. xo

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  3. Preach on, brother! It has been a hell of a week! I like your phrase “need to be weekeneded!” Lol! I need that ASAP!

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  4. TGIF indeed. Here’s wishing us all a nice break. And if we’re out in the world, let’s remember to be extra kind to the poor people who have to work this weekend so we can consume goods and services!

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  5. Ahhhhh its Friday……as I read your post I kept hearing this song…..slow down, your moving to fast, gotta make the morning last….Finally as I typed the words the name came to me….Feelin Groovy….LOL still going through my mind…..enjoy the weekend…..kat da-da….da-da…..feein groovy…….

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  6. Great photos. Water makes me calm when looking at it 🙂

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  7. You post a lot of songs 😮 Do you have any collection of songs? If yes, how many!?!??!?? 😮

    My new year’s resolution is to relax my muscles in certain areas of my body that I constantly contract unknowingly. So yeah, mental stress is relatable :I I hope things get better.

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