Dog days

By: sonofabeach96

Dec 28 2015

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Well, it’s over.  Christmas has come and gone, and left behind the one week of winter I actually enjoy.  All the presents have been opened, the leftovers are at a minimum, and the sweet treats are nearing their end.  The warm glow of family and friends and the glittering lights will now make way for blustery cold and long dark nights.

“But wait”, some may say, “Theres still New Year’s Eve, SOB!  There’s more celebrating to do!  What’s wrong with you?”  Well, I’ve never really been that big on the New Year’s Eve thing, even as a young man.  And that’s one party night that I feel is a young persons game.  At this point, I have zero interest in braving drunk twentysomething hipsters or roadblocks, drinking overpriced cheap champagne or wearing a plastic party hat, paying an outrageous cover charge or listening to a crappy has-been cover band.  I’ll foresake the balloon drop and/or confetti explosion too.  And even if I did want to be out amongst the over-imbibed throngs, good luck finding a sitter.

So, for me, the holidays are over.  They were great and we and the boys enjoyed them immensely.  But now that the celebrating is done, the dog days of winter are staring me down.  2 1/2 months of drudgery, stuck vehicles, ice, mud, dark mornings, darker afternoons and evenings, chilled bones, and frozen toes await.  Let the daydreaming of sand and sun, beaches and board shorts, bare feet and tan lines commence.

My songs of the day are:

“Bring Me Sunshine” by Willie Nelson

“Holiday” by Jimmy Buffet

“Down By The Seaside” by Led Zeppelin

“Walk Through The Raindrops” by James McMurtry

“Black Night” by Buddy Guy


42 comments on “Dog days”

  1. I love your songs of the day.

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  2. I hear ya. But the days are getting longer, and today is only -12C (feels like -20C) so hey, it’s practically balmy up here!

    Not sure if I’ll be staying in or going out on NYE. There’s a great techno dance party planned, so I’m torn: go dancing (which I love) or stay home and read (which I love). Well, if this is the biggest problem I have to solve this week, it’ll be a good week. 🙂

    Enjoy your beach dreams!

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    • That is quite a dilemma. We haven’t gone out for New Years in a long time. Even before we had kids. As long as I can wish her, and my guys, “Happy New Year” and give her a kiss, I’m content, no matter where we are. I like to party as much as the next person, believe me. But not on the one night when EVERYONE is out. Enjoy whichever path you choose grasshopper! 😃

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      • Huh, yeah, I’m not actually a partyer, hence my dilemma. I love love love dancing, but I’m not really into people. And I don’t drink when I am out alone, for safety. So NYE is problematic because as you say, everyone is out. If only I could have the club entirely to myself, I’d be so happy! Well, one day when I win the lottery. 🙂

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  3. So great you’ve had such a warm Holiday! I too love Christmas more than New Year’s Eve. In my part of the world we celebrate Christmas in January. First comes New Year’s. But I am waiting for Christmas. It’s a true family Holiday, pure, warm and light.

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  4. Sending you some summer vibes!

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  5. We’re not big on the New Years thing either…..New Years Day we’ll be at the beach welcoming the sunrise with our mimosas….as far as I’m concerned, late nights are so over-rated!

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    • I don’t mind howling at the moon, even still. But not that night. It’s funny, but when I was younger we all referred to New Years Eve as amateur hour. Everyone who never drank or partied was out for that one night. It’s a recipe for trouble. I’ll pass. 😃

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  6. You’re doing the right thing. I’m not into New years eve either. I could easily fall asleep before 00:00 🙂

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  7. feels good to end the day with buddy guy. ^^ i can’t wait for spring to come around, but… the crispness of the winter air beats the pressure cooker nature of summers in nyc any day of the week. 😪

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  8. Glad you enjoyed the holidays… I wish you an easy winter! 🙂

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    • Wish that we’re the case every winter! I know you said you seeked out snow recently, but I’d take a south Florida winter every time! To me, you’re lucky to have balmy weather and no snow. I think winter in Florida is absolutely perfect. I have a lot of family in Siesta Key and Sarasota, and have spent many a winter break there over the years. It’s ideal! 🙂

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      • Siesta key and Sarasota are awesome. It’s been a weird Fall/winter but normally the breeze this time of year is awesome. It’d be nice to get a break from the humidity. 🙂

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      • I can’t deny that the humidity sucks, but I’d still rather be warm than cold. It’s been unseasonably cold here too with temps in the 60’s for some time now. But we’ve had rain for like two weeks solid, gloomy, now turning cold. Bleh! :/
        I love Siesta Key. Prettiest beach in Florida, and I’ve been to most of ’em. Sand there is like nowhere else. We actually got married just south of there, on Casey Key, if you’re familiar with that.

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      • Haven’t been to Casey Key but I’m going to check it out now! 🙂

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      • Not much there, primarily residential. Haven’t been back in a couple years, so the little place we had it may not be there now. It was a little one story, old-Florida style hotel with two one-story buildings with a courtyard between. Only had 10 or 12 rooms and we basically rented out the whole place, except for one room that was already taken. Not many places like that left, and it’s prime real estate. Wouldn’t surprise me if someone sold out and there’s now a McMansion in its place. I miss “old Florida”. Disappears by the minute. 😕

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      • Sooo true! So much looks the the cookie cutter new development.

        What nice memories you have, though 🙂

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  9. Ahhh yes…warm weather, sand…sun….can’t wait……even though it is my birthday at the strike of midnight…I choose to babysit….I would rather be at home playing games and watching movies eating popcorn than in room full of drunks….most of my birthdays were spent with kids…LOL these days they are spent with my pillow…LOL Happy New Year…May the wish for the New Year be to rush summer on…..K

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    • I hear ya! I hate to wish away time but winter is not my friend. We’ll get a reprieve in January when we head to the coast for a bit. But warm weather can’t come soon enough for me. 😃


      • I agree, its 27′ at my house this morning….I can hear my huge succulents bitching this morning….hopefully this cold spell with break soon….last year this time I was watering in 80′ weather….kat

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  10. Made me laugh 😄 we are lucky to stay awake that late, and it is always storming here it seems on nye. Happy new years to you and your family. Hopefully the kids will tire themselves out without too much destruction 😉

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  11. We’ve been bringing the party to our home for years but this year we will likely just keep it to family. The times they are a changin’. Enjoy your winter, we don’t get much of it here.

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