Happy New Year Y’all!

By: sonofabeach96

Dec 31 2015

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Well, another year has passed.  It’s been an interesting one, to be sure.  There’s been Paris, France and Rowan County, Kentucky.  We’ve witnessed people worthy of SNL skits, such as Kim Davis and The Trumpster Fire.  Calamities worldwide at the hand of Mother Nature, wielding a big ole’ stick of nearly obvious warning signs.  There’ve been miracles and heartbreak, hope and desperation.  We’ve witnessed a tragic disregard for humanity and an uprooting of a people, forced to flee their home, and being rejected be many potential new ones.  There were new shooting stars bursting into the world’s line of sight, burning white-hot bright, while others’ have dimmed, fading into obscurity under the shadow of age, complacency, and yielding to the next latest and greatests’.

As individuals, we’ve all had our own stories of the past year written on our memories, emotions, and experiences.  Some of us have thrived, some have struggled.  We’ve lost some and we’ve brought some in, the cycle of life.  Relationships have begun, failed, stalled, or become such a part of our core that we don’t remember life before it.  Bags were packed, miles were traversed, and shutters were released, creating photographic evidence of our blessings.  Children were rapidly growing, becoming the young men and women we will watch take over the world.  And we’ve buried some far too young, strides broken by nonsensical randomness.  Faith has been questioned, leaned on, and restored, only to repeat that cycle several times over the course of this latest trip around the sun.

Of course, every year is different, with each bringing its own unique events, pop stars, natural disasters, and political pissing matches, usually into the wind.  And as individuals, we all have different experiences year to year, some more memorable than others for one reason or another, good and bad.

But where the years do not differ is in the basic comings and goings of life, on planet earth, as humans.  Good and bad.  Death and birth.  Disasters and miracles.  Hope and despair.  Faith and disbelief.  Success and failure.  The cycle of life is likely to continue on its usual trajectory during the upcoming 12-month orbit as well.  I agree, some years are better than others.  For health, wealth, love, for whatever reason, they are seen as “better”.  But over a lifetime, I think it all sorta evens out in the end.

2015 has been a pretty good one for us, one that had many dramatic ebbs and flows, some successes and scares, trips and travails.  But we survived largely unscathed.  We were blessed, out of higher being or just dumb luck I’m not sure.  But for whatever reason, this year has skewed the average towards positive, thankful, and appreciative, for the big and small, day-to-day, mundane and exciting things we were given to experience.

Along with the usualness, a pretty big part of my 2015 timeline has been jumping into the waters of the blogosphere.  This is waaayyyyy outta my comfort zone, believe me.  For that reason alone, starting WP is memorable.  The fact that I am not ordinarily this free with my opinions, comments, or peeks into my life, with the exception of a handful of people, makes it significant.  I made my first post in June, a mere 6 months ago.  I’ve divulged more to you all in that short time than I have to most people…ever.  I didn’t know what to expect, how I’d be received, or what I’d even have to write about. It’s been better than I could’ve ever anticipated, and I’m really glad I made the call to begin this little trip. I still don’t know what I’m doing, why, or where it’ll lead. I’m not a writer. I’m not a poet. I don’t care to make a living outta blogging. I don’t care about my stats, other than looking at the map thing, where the countries are shaded in? That’s pretty cool.  I’m still not sure why some of you guys read and follow, from all over the world no less.  I’m certainly glad you do though, as the commentary and back and forth is terrific.

There are a few things I do know about my little part of the WP world.  That I’ve met some amazing people.  That I have been awed by the talent floating around this realm.  That I look forward to checking my site daily.  That I truly enjoy conversing with y’all, and about some touchy and messy subjects.  But all with an openness and honesty not easily found in this world.   So, to all of you whom I converse with regularly, I send out a resounding “Thank You!!!”.  You’ve been funny and fun, given me advice and eased my mind.  You’ve listened to me bitch and told me to suck it up buttercup.  You’ve introduced me to new poetry, stories, art, and music.  You’ve welcomed me into your worlds, if just a little, and anonymously, and I’ve given you a glimpse into mine.  I’ve hurt for some and smiled with others.

I realize this is a somewhat surreal cyber-world kinda situation,and none of us have ever actually met.  But I really feel as though some are my friends.  That I could seek advice or counsel from them, or provide sound direction and encouragement to them.  Y’all make me laugh and sometimes cry.  And I’m always glad to get a visit from you or drop in on you.  All things that comprise friendship.

With that said, I wish all of you, my new friends, Happy New Year!  I hope 2016 brings you all health, happiness, and hope.

Before I close the book on 2015, I have to mention some music.  There was some incredible music made this year, and luckily for us, a bunch was from local talent and highly accessible before hitting it big.  I couldn’t possibly list all of the songs that I’ve taken a liking to from 2015.  The ones that rocked me, consoled me, fed me, and healed me.  The ones that were meaningful to meaningful moments.  Those that will now be etched on my timeline, filed in Chapter 46.  Easily retrieved from the Dewey decimal system of my memory every time I hear them.  I won’t bore you with the “why’s” but my songs of the day are all from my 2015 timeline, for one reason or another, and released during the past year.  There’s so many I didn’t list here, but just hunt around a bit for new music and artists with releases this year.  There’s plenty to choose from.

So long, 2015.

See y’all next year, and I hope you enjoy the playlist.

“Ship To Wreck” by Florence and The Machine

“She’s All Buttoned Up” by Richard Thompson

“Devil’s Whisper” by Raury

“Emily” by San Fermin

“24 Frames” by Jason Isbell

“Pretty Pimpin'” by Kurt Vile

“Empty Me Out” by Liz Vice

“Why Would I Now” by The Decemberists

“Big Wave” by Donovan Frankenreiter

“I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)” by Dead Weather

“The Life You Chose” by Jason Isbell

“Gimme All Your Love” by Alabama Shakes

“Shy Boy” by JD McPherson

“You And Me” by Pink and Dallas Green

“Take Me I’m Yours” by Squeeze

“Wasted Love” by City and Colour

“Hey Mercy” by Glen Hansard

“Smooth Sailing” by Leon Bridges

“Where Did You Go?” by Boy and Bear

“Things Happen” by Dawes



32 comments on “Happy New Year Y’all!”

  1. Happy New Year! I like the playlist.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Again, Happy New Year and so happy to have crossed paths with you!! Lovin the list!!! 🍾🎉🎊

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Not only was I your first follower, you have the most comments according to WP year in review lol! I definitely think of you as a good friend and I too realize how bizarre that is. But that’s how I feel so that’s that! Thank you so much for being a rock in the storm for me this year. You have been there for me and I am grateful for your friendship n wisdom. Have a very Happy New Year and never forget- Go where the Love is 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Happy New Year to you! It has been nice to meet and converse with you. Friendship doesn’t necessarily require us to have met. I have found that often the people in my “real life” are fake and further away than anyone on the internet could be.

    I wish you and yours the best for the new year. I would also encourage you to keep writing. I told a friend that the only place I truly feel safe is on my blog.

    Liked by 4 people

  5. Happy Old Year… almost to the new one here but not quite yet.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. I wish you all the luck in the world! And yes, it’s been great to meet you on WP!

    Liked by 3 people

  7. Happy New Year….I love your attitude toward blogging; it’s one I have to work to keep. I hope that 2016 is kind to you.

    Liked by 3 people

  8. Happy New Year, my friend! I hope 2016 treats you and your family great!

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Here’s to a stellar 2016….

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Great post. You describe all the good wp friends reasons so well. I totally agree and I say the same about blogging as you do. It is a great place to be. People here don’t expect anything from you, you don’t have to live up to something. You can just be what you are for the moment and write what you want for the moment. I like that. That creates a creative freedom. And all wp friends rock! I’m looking forward to read your posts in 2016. Your comments (you’re on the top five list on my blogstats annual report I think) made me start posting music inspirations posts and I wanna thank you for that. THANK YOU!

    Liked by 2 people

  11. pssh…and you don’t call yourself a writer? I got such a warm fuzzy feeling reading this:) And ditto SOB, real glad to have been able to meet you here. The stat monkeys said you were my biggest commenter. I am still not a stat checker but I wanted to let you know that your support and encouragement have really helped make this WP a great place to be. So thank you!! Happy New Year!

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  12. I’m just going to disagree and say you are absolutely a writer. And a really good one! Happy New Year.


  13. May 2016 bring great things

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  14. Happy New Year. Your blog is fabulous!

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Sweet! Look forward to “talking” often.

    Liked by 1 person

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