Take the plunge

By: sonofabeach96

Jan 13 2016

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I was talking with a friend the other day, about a new direction they were considering.  It was a risky venture, but one that could lead to great reward.  We discussed potential pitfalls, and potential benefits.  After listening, and playing devil’s advocate, my advice was this:

If it’s really something you care deeply about, have a passion to try it,  just go for it.

That’s easy for me to say, isnt it?  It’s not my ass on the line.  It’s not me who  would suffer if it all goes awry.  It’s not me who may face financial and emotional distress.  It’s easy to play chess when the pawns aren’t mine.  Now I’m wondering if my advice really was prudent.

I’ve always been one to dance to my own beat.  When I was young and dumb, with no true responsibility to anyone but myself, I flew by the seat of my pants.  It led to great travels, adventures, and experiences.  Of course, there were always pipers to pay, but that was for another time.  “Go for it!” was my motto.

These days, my heart and soul still speak that same language.  Whispering  in my ear to just jump.  Life’s too short, SOB!  What’s the worst that can happen?  Well, if I were still single, living my life as the loner that I naturally am, I’d agree with the little minx on my left shoulder, encouraging me to not just tip my toes in the water, but to cannonball myself into the deep end of some new adventure.

I’m still a loner at heart, and still have a visceral urge for adventure.  But the fact is, I’m older and have much more to think about than merely myself.  Don’t get me wrong, I am blessed and I know it.  But with great blessings comes great responsibility.  I have four other souls to consider now, in every decision I make.  I can no longer pick up, pack up, nor solely placate my own whims.

That said, I hope I didn’t give adverse advice to my friend.  Was I too quick to encourage him to do something I’d have to think twice, or even thrice, about doing myself?  Was I merely transported back to my old carefree mindset, living vicariously through his impending leap into the deep end?  Ignoring the fact that this move could result in severe implications, seduced by the thought of some grand illusion?

I’m not sure, but another conversation will be had tonight.  I have to admit, I’m not entirely comfortable with the direction my mind travels at this point in my life.  Call it age, wisdom, the benefit of experience.  But I think before I act now…well, usually.  In many ways, I mourn the loss of my inner devil, that pushed me to act on impulse.  But it’s not just me who’d suffer consequences for those acts anymore.  Then again, life is fleeting, and if you thirst, maybe you should take that gulp.  His decision is, in the end, his, to own the results and consequences.  But, as his friend, I don’t want my advice to lead him the wrong direction.  Take that plunge?  I guess it all depends on what one is willing to risk.

My songs of the day are:

“So High So Low” by Ben Harper

“Gotta Serve Somebody” by Bob Dylan

“The Man Who Sold The World” by David Bowie (RIP)

“Spirits In The Material World” by The Police

“Bored In The USA” by Father John Misty


44 comments on “Take the plunge”

  1. You’ve put it well, no matter which direction your friend takes, that in the end, it’s ultimately his choice, his decision. While I now firmly adhere to the motto “Life is too short” (it really is), we also need to consider whom/what our choices affect as well. 🙂

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  2. I’ve always had the belief that you can only be successful if you are passionate about what you are doing. True, there is no guarantee of success in life; but without passion, you are guaranteed to fail.

    I am under consideration right now for a position with a start-up company and I was not feeling passionate about it and during the last meeting with the business owner, I was prepared to turn it down. Then, he offered me a task that I tackled with ferocity – now I’m considering it again.

    Personally, I think your advice was perfect. But I’ve noticed your advice is usually pretty sound! 🙂

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    • Thanks my man! I appreciate that. Just don’t want to lead him wrong. Ultimately though, he’ll have to make that call.

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      • We are all, truly, only accountable to ourselves.

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      • That’s true. But if a friend asks my advice, I hope I give them solid advice. I don’t want him to fuck up. Yeah, it’s ultimately his responsibility, but I’d hate to think I dished out crap advice to a good friend seeking counsel. I’m can’t figure if it was knee jerk or if I really think he should just go for it.

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  3. Very well written post and a good picture to go with it.

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  4. “Advice” does not equal “command.” It’s super helpful to get advice from various sources so you can sift through for what makes the most sense for your own life. Right? I remember when I was getting divorced and the advice I got from friends, family, and other ranged from “make your marriage work no matter what it takes” to “kick the mofo to the curb.” I found a path that worked for me, and nobody’s advice was perfectly spot-on, but I truly appreciated the time and effort people made to think about my situation and give their opinions. I’m sure your friend will consider your advice and make whatever decision works best for him!

    Also, I’m pretty sure your advice is mostly excellent. 🙂

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    • I hope it’s good. He’s one of my three closest friends. I would never want to offer a bad bit of advice to any of them. I guess he’ll come to the conclusion that works for him and his future. I take it seriously when a close friend or my wife asks my opinion. My answer came pretty swiftly though. Now I’m re-thinking my position a bit.

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  5. I think you gave great advice. Life is too short not to follow your heart and your passion. I’m not saying spend your life savings on lotto, just enjoy your life.

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    • Nah, no need for anyone else to buy a ticket. I got mine this morning and of course it’s the winner winner chicken dinner. If so, I’ll be eating that chicken from the deck of my beach cottage! 😃

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  6. Insightful post. I think if you tell your friend your concern about giving advice all will be well. This is one of your lifetime friends. He knows your heart!

    My close friends are aware that I’m spontaneous and unafraid to jump into the deep water and come to me because of that wanting to hear pros/cons to back up what they already think. Not to change their mind. (Although sometimes that happens.)

    I also got a powerball ticket. Figure 1 in 292.2 million isn’t THAT bad of odds, right? LOL 😂

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  7. I actually think that you gave him some pretty great advice.Correct me if I am wrong…but he probably approached you with reservations in his mind. If you would have said “that’s crazy” he probably would have just squashed it, thinking it was stupid of him to even think about it. This way, you shed a positive light on the possibility. Doesn’t mean he will take the plunge without looking over the bridge first. Super cute pic BTW. Made me smile 😆

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  8. I’m always impulsive and spontaneous I don’t think twice when making decision for me life is short and we only live once. But do I suffer from consequences? Sometimes I do, but it is worth it

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  9. Perfect photo for the text. Neat songs too.

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  10. In the end it will be your friends decision, I am sure, like you, he was gathering information from people whom he cared about what you had to say….you can’t make a horse drink just because you led it to water….it has to want to…therefore all you could do is give him you honest opinion about his situation…no harm, no foul…..and take it from me….jump….you won’t sink, you just may be swimming a little longer distance than originally thought…LOL kat

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    • Haha! Yeah, we talked again a day or two later and, after gathering how he felt, I gave him the same answer. I just reconsidered my position after our initial talk. Felt like I’d rushed to say”Go for it!”. I think he should though, now that we discussed a little further. Just watch those riptides. 😃

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  11. Damn! That water sure looks good!

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  12. I think most people seek advice hoping you can validate what their gut is telling them to do. Think about it – if we were effective at changing minds, we’d all vote for the same person for President.

    So whatever he chooses to do is very likely what he WANTED to do. By validating that, you gave him “permission.”

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    • That’s a good point. We talked a bit more a day later and after listening to more of the whys and what ifs, I came to the same conclusion. I didn’t want give rash advice though, which is how I used to operate. Ultimately though, it’s his decision. Thanks for the ear. 😃

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  13. I think you gave him good support. There’s always those who says “should you really do that?” and those who says “go for it”, but the go for it sayers are often less than the should you…people, so you did right 🙂

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