Already Gone

By: sonofabeach96

Jan 18 2016

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Just heard the sad, sad news that Glenn Frey has passed away.  The Eagles website confirmed that it’s true.  Gotta say, 2016’s starting off a little rough for pop culture and music.

RIP Glenn Frey

“Desparado” by The Eagles

“Seven Bridges Road” by The Eagles

“Peaceful Easy Feeling” by The Eagles

“Tequila Sunrise” by The Eagles

“Take It Easy” by The Eagles

21 comments on “Already Gone”

  1. Let’s just cancel 2016 already.

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  2. Heartache Tonight. RIP to yet another Great.

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  3. WHAT? Good grief! You know the dude in grizzly adams died too?

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  4. I’m really bummed about this 😦

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  5. RIP =(
    2016 came with a rough start

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  6. It’s been a tough week or so. A definite music legend. Great shouts on the songs. Take it Easy was just meant to be listened to in a car with no traffic. I’d have to add Hotel California and Lyin’ Eyes.

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