Cee’s Color Your World Challenge

By: sonofabeach96

Jan 20 2016

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The  Cee’s Photography color topic for today is Cadet Blue

Here’s my take on it:


Ready to go crabbin’, St George Island, FL


Pamlico Sound, Hatteras, NC


Painted bass on pine, pre-bottle caps


Painted bass on pine, post-bottle caps


Lounge lizards, beach towel, Madeira Beach, FL

38 comments on “Cee’s Color Your World Challenge”

  1. Such a great beauty blue!
    Great shots!

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  2. Love that blue! and the gorgeous beach! 🙂

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  3. Where I am, right now, I needed to see this pictures…lol. Just wanted to thank you for checking out my poem. It means a lot. #NOTHINGMatters, but You!

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  4. The fish and the sleeping kids look beautiful 🙂

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  5. The little boy under the purple blanket looks so peaceful….

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  6. You nailed the color. However, this challenge is from Jennifer. Here is a link. She is running a 120 day color challenge. So if you are interested in playing along

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  7. Is it bad that I’m envious of last picture? How I wish I can do that now

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  8. Your pictures are sooo making me miss summer!! That bass looks awesome. And yeah, I clicked to enlarge it so I could see what beer you guys drink down there. ☺

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  9. one of my favorite colors….kat

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