Still missin’ her

By: sonofabeach96

Jan 22 2016

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In the spirit of looking back, revisiting a moment of the past, and remembering the mindset and of the day, I plan to recycle an old post today.

Most of y’all likely didn’t read it when I originally put it out there.  Some of you may have, but I doubt it was many.  I remember some of my first efforts received less than a handful of looks and likes.  I still can’t believe as many of you follow and comment as do at the present, but like most, initially  I had a minimum of followers and viewers.  It’s humbling to have so many now, and I appreciate the reads and comments more than you’ll ever know.

So here’s the recycled post for this most somber of days.  It was only the fourth one I’d ever made.  If you’ve read it before, thank you, and feel free to proceed with your day.  The post was titled ” MissinHer “, and with the anniversary of my Mother-In-Law’s death being today I thought it would be appropriate to revisit.   It’s hard to believe it’s been 6 years.  Feels like it was yesterday.  The sting has lessened, but likely will never go away.

If you havent read it before, I hope you’ll check it out.  I didn’t have a “songs of the day” list on the original post, but I’ll add some to this one.

My songs of he day are:

“No Way Out Of Here” by Iron and Wine

“Things Happen” by Dawes

“Second Hand Heart” by Dwight Yocum

“Ain’t The Same” by Alabama Shakes

“Love Interruption” by Jack White



12 comments on “Still missin’ her”

  1. 🙏 today marks the first anniversary of the passing of a young friend, Megan. She was only 34…stroke. She had recovered from a stroke 2 years earlier……sucks really. (((((Hugs))))

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  2. In two weeks is my Dad’ 21st anniversary. I don’t think that hurt ever goes away. Hugs!

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  3. I knew right away who you were talking about then I clicked and yup yup! I was right!

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  4. Oh that missing thing that always comes up now and then, but I also see that as a strong positive feeling. I get energy by remembering the ones that I miss. All those bright memories gives me superpowers 🙂

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