Have Paddle, Will Travel

By: sonofabeach96

Feb 05 2016

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Its not unusual.  To have this itch, this urge.  It’s visceral and can’t be ignored.  The urge to be on and/or in water is oftentimes strongest this time of year.  I was conversing with someone here recently, about them beginning kayaking.  That only got my mind on it that much more.

The dead of winter, dog days, dark too early and cold to the bone.  My lake, well, it’s not actually my lake, but I use it like it is, is currently frozen from banks to wake zone.  Streams swollen from rains and snowmelt, ordinarily a paddlers dream.  Shifts in logs and debris prevent smooth sailing, thrashed about and re-deposited, resulting in too much starting and stopping.  I prefer to paddle rather than portage.

Spring whitewater trip planned, mind wandering.


The rush, the frigid water, the adrenaline, the risk, the friends, the camp.  Now we wait.  Patience is not my strongest virtue.

Is it April yet?

My songs of the day are:

“Flow Like Wine” by Gabe Dixon

“Down To The River” by Union Tree

“River” by Joni Mitchell

“Stone Rolling” by Rafael Saadiq

“Lack of Water” by The Why Store


23 comments on “Have Paddle, Will Travel”

  1. I feel the same about water. I moved abroad and lived in a major city which was filled to the brim with people. When I left there, my only house requirement was that the sand be blowing against my front door 😄. I have to live by the water. It’s a must for me.

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  2. Hah! Love this. 🙂

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  3. We have way too much rain here for me to be excited about water 😉 but I applaud those of you who do! I used to sail when I was young. Maybe one day…


  4. Maybe you can go fishing in a frozen lake 😉

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  5. Love that I haven’t heard all these songs of the day! Can’t wait to give them a listen.

    I’m a beach baby, too. If I had the choice (and money, hello?!) I would always live where I could see water 24/7. Don’t necessarily need to be in it. Just watching it somehow soothes my soul.

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  6. Oh, I can relate to this SO much, the urge and need to be on water. I absolutely love beaches, lakes, rivers. Need to read more of your blog!

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  7. I like water. Last time I went swimming was at a motel pool last fall when my former classmate came to town for the class reunion and I hung out at the motel with her. First thing I did was to go straight to the swimming pool.

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