Love is in the air

By: sonofabeach96

Feb 11 2016

Category: Uncategorized


I love the setting sun

I love watching these banshees have fun

I love the silence of a snowy night

I love planning and packing before taking flight

I love my toes in the sand

I love crashing waves at the end of land

I love the sound of rain on my metal roof

I love the days when strife goes “Poof!”

I love paddling a river so agitated

I love the adrenaline that flows unabated

I love my old truck, well-used and worn

I love that it’s trusty, even during Winter’s scorn

I love hiking unfollowed trails

I love the mountains, they’re good for what ails

I love surfing, the ocean, and beach

I love the taste of a fresh-picked peach

I love music, for my soul it’s like food

I love that it helps me find my groove

I love tie-dye and the Dead

I love Sunday mornings in bed

I love where I live, able to touch every star in the sky

I love my camera, translating my mind’s eye

I love all of this, and so much more

I love that I’m not love poor

I love my world and living this life

But most of all

I love the blessings of these boys and my wife

Yes, to all you serious writers out here, I realize this is a feeble try

I’m not a writer, this I can’t deny

Snickers and criticism I’ll choose to ignore

Today I’m about love, and that which I adore


My songs of the day are:

“Love You Babe” by Jason Collette

“The Life You Chose” by Jason Isbell

“Like The Dream of It” by Brooke Anibale

“Nirvana” by Squeeze

“Everybody Needs Love” by The Driveby Truckers

“Victim of Love” by The Eagles

“Promised Land” by The Holmes Brothers

“Heard It In A Love Song” by The Marshall Tucker Band


33 comments on “Love is in the air”

  1. No snickering here!! I Love it!!! 😄

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  2. This was great, really loved it. It actually resonated with me so thanks. 🙂

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  3. Love will keep us together!

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  4. Nice! Made me smile! 🙂

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  5. I had no idea of how many records were released on Feb 10th, wow is all I can say……green, and granny smith green at that…is one of my favorite shades of green that is has to offer…love all your pictures…and leaving the best for last….Love is in the Air post….in my opinion you are a writer and a passionate one at that….kat

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  6. That all sounds so magical and wonderful 🙂

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  7. Lovely poem, SoB. Enjoy the banshees this weekend.

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  8. So cute and wonderful!

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  9. I loved it!! Especially “I love that I’m not love poor”. Made me smile today SOB. Thank you.😊

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  10. You say you’re not a writer, but… this one is one for the 🌌

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  11. I think this was poetic despite your not feeling you are! The last three songs are my favorites but didn’t know many and will need to check them out! 🙂

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