Kat’s Quote Challenge

By: sonofabeach96

Feb 13 2016

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I love how my friend Kat does her challenges and awards.  She always takes part, but doesn’t ever nominate specific others.  She nominates “us all”.  I’m with ya’ Kat!  There’s so many sites that I follow that are terrific, and it’s next to impossible to single out 3, 10, 15, or however many the “rules” call for.  Her site, Time No Matter, is fun, funny, and inspiring.  I recommend you check her out.  With that said, I’ll take part in the quote party, Kat, because I think you’d be fun to hang with at a party.  Here goes:

Most things in life can be difficult.  This isn’t one of them:



Oh, how the world would be a better place if this rang true with everyone:


Amen brother!:


There ya’ go Kat.  I’m sorry in advance for stealing your material, but I nominate any of you fantastic people who may be inclined to participate.

13 comments on “Kat’s Quote Challenge”

  1. I read something today…. I would rather be happy than dignified. No clue who said it, but i liked it! 🙂

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  2. I love your choices! Beautiful words, thank you for sharing these!

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  3. 👍👍 love’em both!

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  4. First I love the purple…second I think it would be fun to hang with you at a party too!!!! Love you quotes and thank you for all the very, very kind words…xxkat

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    • Ah, the purple background? It’s funny, but when I chose how to set up my site, the design I chose allowed me to pick one of my pics as the background. But the color that the text is over is chosen automatically by the system based on colors in the pics I use at the top of the post. It’s kinda interesting to see, and I have no say in it. I put in my photo for the post and voila, the background color appears. As for the kind words? Well deserved! And that party? If you ever make it to Kentucky, let me know. We’ll arrange that! 😃
      Oh, by the way, I think I accidentally erased your email. If you’re still interested in the stepping stone idea, shoot it back and I’ll email you this evening. 😃


  5. atagoo@att.net yep still interested…..thanks

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  6. I love the idea of including everyone as well. 😊

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