Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Smooth

By: sonofabeach96

Feb 17 2016

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Today’s Fun Foto Challenge from Cee’s Photography is for things that are:


Here’s my take on the subject:

Stepping stone:


Classic car:


CJ’s pond:


Favorite pop:


Ocracoke Island, NC:




19 comments on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Smooth”

  1. The pop looks like beers!

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  2. Great photos all around. The pond!!! I love mist and tone was fantastic, SoBeach.

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  3. That stepping stone is a real beauty! Love the photos SOB 😊

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  4. Wow I look away and you have 6 posts…..I love the magenta color…nice pictures, really liked odd ball photos…and as always shake rattle and roll great information…I love Chicago’s old stuff….onto the weird color of inchworm….what a crazy name…Don’t get me started on When? it is just logic if they would look around…better not get started I will just rant then ramble….love the stepping stone in smooth…did you make it?? Did you watch the Grammy’s, or was that just a stupid question….LOL not bad…liked the tributes…hated Bieber, infact I had to turn it till he was done. bummer for Adele, rather for us…loved Alice Cooper and who knew Johnny Depth could get all rock and roll…hope lals going well for you and your your family….how much snow dumped on you with this big storm??? XXkat

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    • I know, I’ve kinda gotten on a roll lately. Yes, I made the stepping stone. Yes, I caught a bit of the Grammy’s, but I’m not much of an awards show fan. I thought Alabama Shakes should’ve won album of the year, or Leon Bridges. And yes, I could rant about the environment and global warming too. And yes, we got a bit of snow from that last storm, but not as much as originally thought. Come on Spring!!! 😃


  5. Omg that stepping stone is so beautiful ❤

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  6. The Packard hood ornament….a classic of mine and a favorite. Wonderful entry.

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