We are screwed

By: sonofabeach96

Feb 29 2016

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In life, it’s good to have choices.  At a restaraunt, the menu is oftentimes 5-6 pages long.  At the grocery?  Innumerable choices…just don’t go when you’re hungry.  Dating?  As many options as you’re willing to try on for size, pardon the pun.  Car, clothes, house shopping?  Choices, choices, choices.  Options are great…unless all the options you have to choose from are god awful.  Welcome to US Presidential Primary season.

As a card carrying registered Democrat, my Primary options are Hillary and Bernie.  Oh joy!  Is there a chef’s recommendation?  I like Bernie, I really do.  I’m all for assistance to those in need in terms of social, financial, and healthcare/mental illness services.  I have a child with Autism, so I’ve seen the clusterfuck that is social and mental health services firsthand.  Not everyone has the means to acquire those services on their own and I don’t think those who can’t should be tossed aside.


But, to me at least, Bernie is a bit extreme with his lean towards near-absolute Socialism.

Hillary?  Well, some say she’s already had two terms as ghost-President, while Bill was doing his thing with pages and interns.  I think she’s tough, and likely wouldn’t take much shit from the other side of the aisle.  But she’s left us with trust issues.  I know, it’s a shock to have questions about a politicians ethics, truthfulness, and character, right?

On the other side, you poor Republicans.  Talk about shitty menu options!  Cruz, Rubio, The Trumpster Fire?  Ugh!  Even as piss poor as my choices are as a Democrat, I’m glad these aren’t my eenie, meenie, and moe.  Good luck picking the most deserving turd outta that punch bowl.

All of it is enough to make one choose to sit this round out…or move to Canada.  But remember, if you DO NOT vote, you kinda give up your right  to bitch for the next 4 years.  So, even though these candidates all suck in their own ways, don’t give up your right to bitch!  Complaint, bitching, pissing, moaning, and blaming everyone but ourselves is the American way after all.

My songs of the day are:

“But Enough On That For Now” by Vandeveer

“I Don’t Care About You” by Lake Street Dive

“Disappointed” by Field Music

“Astonished Man” by Thao and The Get Down Stay Down

“Cautionary Tale” by James LeBlanc

“Fresh Blood” by The Eels

54 comments on “We are screwed”

  1. The “menu” for presidential candidates is like the menu for gluten-free vegans. None of the good stuff…but ya gotta eat, so you settle for the most palatable, least disappointing option.

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  2. It’s going to be the most frustrating of elections. The candidates are just… Not inspiring in any way. Bleh.

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  3. Yes, couldn’t of said it any better!!!! This is exactly what I feel! They all kinda suck but not voting is even worse! I think Bernie will also be the best decision. Sometimes you have to vote so others can’t win and when I mean others, I mean TRUMP ! Awk!

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  4. I choose moving to Canada! Though I would be a troll and vote for Trump before leaving 😂😂😂😂😂

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  5. South Park has it down…We always seem to be left with only two lousy choices: a giant douche and a turd sandwich. Politicians…all phoneys. Bernie Sanders seems to be the real “progressive” in the mix, a refreshing change of pace to have a democratic socialist, but because no one likes the thought of Moar Taxes (even if they’re beneficial), it’s unlikely he’ll be the candidate for the Democrats.

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  6. “Options are great…unless all the options you have to choose from are god awful. Welcome to US Presidential Primary season.”

    Very well said. Sadly and frustratingly very well said. But I do quite like your election 2016 meme!

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  7. This whole election thing sucks! I’m a card carrying Republican and hate all of our candidates! The fact that Bernie runs on a socialist platform and has made it this far is scary, and Hillary. How anybody can support Hillary is a mystery to me. We are screwed for the next four years :(.

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  8. It’s either Bernie or Hillary. SMH. Donald Trump might want to deport me even though I’m legal. Lol.

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  9. Oh yeah that too! I have a friend who likes him and I wanted to smack her when she told me. She said he speaks the truth. When does a politician ever speak the truth?

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  10. Reblogged this on Life of an El Paso Woman and commented:
    Today is Super Tuesday here in the states. I agree with SO much of this post! Texas has 155 Republican delegates and 222 Democratic delegates.

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  11. From the other side of the pond it looks surreal! How a man like Trump can generate such enthusiasm from so many people (I was going to say “God only knows” – but I doubt that!). We are going the same way over here in that more and more politicians are from more and more wealthy backgrounds and have no concept of how the vast majority live. Good luck America!

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    • Believe me, it’s just as surreal from this side of the pond too. I have no idea how he’s doing it, but I think he’s actually gonna win the republican nomination, at least. It’s kinda scary. His cabinet choices are scarier. He’s actually stumping in my state as we speak. Figures that its gloomy and pouring rain. Thanks for the wish of good luck. I think we’re gonna need it. 😕

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  12. Can the circus be over already?

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  13. Good post. If trump wins, i’ll kill myself, Sanders has good intentions… but he’ll run this country fiscally below 3rd world status. We can’t afford socialism at this stage of the game, we need a whole new system. Russia and China are restructuring their economies and monetary system to prepare for the future, and detach from the corrupt US petro-dollar.
    We need real leaders that think outside the box, not 4 more years of crony politics and business as usual.
    As for me, I’m voting for Green Party’s Jill Stein, at least my conscience will be clear.

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  14. Frigin scary time in the USA!!!

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  15. You might like Ontario, close to the lakes and I think their winters are mild. Just sayin…I am watching all of this in disbelief. A giant circus indeed.

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  16. I’ve never considered “not-voting” until this election. I voted for Obama mainly because of his healthcare platform, and I was over the moon when he was elected. All tax-paying citizens should be given the right to universal health care. Bernie is the Obama of 2016. His platform is so similar, and it offers hope. Getting those ideas to pass through congress is a different story.

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    • I agree. Right now, Bernie’s got my vote. But without Democratic control of Congress, it may not matter. But it’d keep The Trumpster Fire out of office, and that’s all that matters in this election, in my opinion. 😊


      • Good point. When he entered the race, I never imagined he’d be taken seriously. His supporters are crawling out of “doomsday bunkers” before their canned ravioli is set to expire. I can’t live in a country where Trump is president (king), so I will make my voice heard by voting.

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      • Amen! Watching these debates and him ranting over top of his competitors like a toddler, tossing people out of his rally’s, getting endorsements from SarahnPalin and the KKK. It’s a fucking farce and, hopefully, just a vocal minority that are brainwashed by this rhetoric and inciteful hate mongering. I’ll be pulling my lever.

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