Caveat Emptor

By: sonofabeach96

Mar 07 2016

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Careful what you wish for, Trumpster Fire fans.




Before anyone bashes me, yes, I’m a registered Democrat.  Yes, I vote.  Yes, I’m informed, on both sides’ rhetoric about policy.  No, I do not vote simply along party lines.  No, I do not like any of the other candidates much.  But this man?  No way in hell is he the answer.

Please read, educate, inform.  Ignore the noise he creates at every campaign stop and the blind allegiance to political party agenda regurgitated by FOX News, MSNBC, etc.  Read about them all, understand the policy they plan to implement.  Please don’t vote simply based on TV commercials and what the talking heads say you should.  Educate, investigate, and inform yourself.  This is a free country, and I have no right to tell anyone how to vote.  If you feel The Trumpster Fire is the best  option, go for it.  Caveat emptor, however.  Just sayin’.

My songs of the day are:

“Song and Dance Man” by Jason Collette

“Are You Ready For The Country” by Neil Young

“Run From The Devil” by Rory

“Please” by Chris Isaak

“Don’t Wanna Fight” by Alabama Shakes

“Evil Urges” by My Morning Jacket

“Mirror in the Bathroom” by The English Beat

“Free Until They Cut Me Down” by Iron and Wine

17 comments on “Caveat Emptor”

  1. Seriously. Ugh. I couldn’t stand this man before he ran for president. And now he could potentially run our country? Where do I start with the jokes? He not only outsources his business but his wives, too! Lol!

    You know, I’m not saying he’s not a clever man. He’s smart and conniving and successful. I don’t know much about his family but his daughter, Ivanka, is a brilliant young woman. He’s meant for private business/corporate world, not as a national leader.

    I don’t consider myself a political person but this is gonna be a pretty weird election. I see us getting further and further away from being a global leader.

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    • His potential picks for cabinet positions scare me more than him. He has zero political experience, and the notion of running a nation like a business is not realistic. The politico’s he surrounds himself will be the policy makers, directing the clown from the shadows of the circus tent. I just hope peoe vote on facts rather than rhetoric.

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      • Well said. Their interests will be in protecting their assets and forget everyone else! Scary.

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      • His potential pick for Cabinet of Health and Human Services really scares me. Check out Micheal Savage. His stance on Autism being that it’s coddling and they just need to suck it up, and be parented better, really rubs me the wrong way. My oldest is Autistic. The dude can fuck off for all I’m concerned. Then I hear Sarah Palin as a potential cabinet member, Ben Carson as potential VP? It’s unreal.

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  2. I can’t post Stevie’s You Haven’t Done Nothin’ every time we post something about him, can I?

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    • I was talking to a colleague the other day, and she’s blindly convinced he’s the answer. Citing FOX News as her source. It got me thinking about him again, and the power of hype. I’ll try to limit my political rants, but it was on my mind today. Feel free to post any response you want every time I post about him. I don’t mind at all. 😃

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  3. Ha,I just wrote kind of the same thing.


    we need to hop on the HELL NO bandwagon in a hurry or this is our reality, folks.

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  4. I don’t think Trump stand a chance, it will be a good laugh to see him lose 😀

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  5. love this….what a frigin circus it is out there …..I am talking about all of them…kat

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  6. You are a great country, guys, and you will get through this nightmare. I am upset that so many people I know are not going to vote because, they say, their votes won’t make any difference. I understand that there is no way you get a normal president this time, but being politically passive is not a solution either. I just don’t understand how this one got so far. I don’t understand who benefits from such voting system. It is so frustrating.

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