Shuffle Me This-Part Deux

By: sonofabeach96

Mar 12 2016

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Was reading through some posts yesterday and came across this one from Stephellaneous.  The deal is this:

Let your iPod (or whatever you use to store your music) shuffle through.  List the first 10 songs to pop up.  Then list your favorite lyric to each song.  Then tag anyone else you want to invite to participate.

Sounds interesting, and, depending on which songs scroll through, somewhat difficult.  I took a “shuffle” challenge a bit ago, titled Shuffle Me This, for one set forth by my bud Dr. Meg on her post Playlist Shuffle.  Nothing too embarrassing shuffled through during that experiment.  I’m hoping that’s the case with this game as well.  Here goes nothing:

Son Of A Son Of A Sailor” By Jimmy Buffet:


Where it all ends I can’t fathom, my friends

If I knew, I might toss out my anchor

So I’ll cruise along always searchin’ for songs

Not a lawyer, a thief, or a banker

Moondance” by Van Morrison:


A fantabulous night to make romance

‘Neath the cover of October Skies

Pretty Pimpin” by Kurt Vile:


All he ever wanted was to be a man

But he was always a little too cute to be admitted under marbles lost

He was always a thousand miles away

While still standing in front of your face

Seasons” by Chris Cornell:


If I should be short on words

And long on things to say

Could you crawl into my world

And take me worlds away?

Should I be beside myself

And not even stay

When I Was A Young Girl” by Feist:


Please send for the preacher to come and pray for me

And send for the doctor to heal all my wounds

My poor head is aching my sad heart breaking

My body’s salvating and I’m bound to die

If I Ever Lose My Faith In You” by Sting:


If I ever lost my faith in you

There’d be nothing left for me to do

No More Doggin” by John Lee Hooker:


Well, told you all the straight and I made you fine

You spend my money on whiskey, beer, and wine

No more doggin’, foolin’ ’round with you

I’m gonna let you out, baby, and that’s what I’ve got to do

The Promise” by Tracy Chapman:


Together again

It would feel so good to be in your arms

Where all my journeys end

If you can make a promise

If it’s one that you can keep

I vow to come for you

If you wait for me

The Wizard” by Black Sabbath:


Evil power disappears

Demons worry when the wizard is near

He turns tears into joy

Everyone’s happy when the wizard is near

Don’t Say No” by Keb’ Mo’:


Go ahead and spread your wings, you’ll love the flight

Love and understanding is a lovely sight

Walkin’ down the road of life, you’re on your way

Whether you’re right or wrong, no one can say


There ya’ go.  Nothing embarrassing shuffled through, so I’m pleased about that.  The rules were to tag someone else to take part in this, but I find that to be a bit exclusionary.  So, if ya’ wanna give it a go, have at it.  Just link back to me if you do so, I’d like to see what others have pop up.

My songs of the day are….the ten listed above.  🙂


27 comments on “Shuffle Me This-Part Deux”

  1. I saw the original post, and I have now seen yours. I may have to try this one out myself…and of course, I’ll link to yours.

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  2. This looks like fun, let me see what I can come up with. Of course I will have to double check the lyrics, most of the time I just make up my own words 😊 Hope you are having a good weekend

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    • Haha! There are entire websites devoted to people getting the lyrics wrong. Pretty funny stuff too. I’ll look for your post. I’m always curious about what music people listen to. Surprising sometimes. Hope you’re havin’ a great weekend! Of course, are there any other kind? 😃

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  3. One of the most eclectic sets of music ever. Kurt Vile and Van Morrison on the same list as Black Sabbath and Keb Mo? Who would’ve thunk?

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  4. Tres cool! 😃 I haven’t listened to Tracy Chapman in a long time!

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  5. […] asked me to do this, but I saw the posts at this blog and this blog, and I thought I would give it a shot. I suspect I will get a bunch of “who?” with my […]

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  6. I gots to go visit New Orleans!

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