Six String Down

By: sonofabeach96

Mar 20 2016

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Anybody who’s followed me for a bit likely knows, I really love my wife.  For a million and one reasons, and far too many to get into here.  But, two of those reasons are her flair for spontaneity and her pure enjoyment of surprising people.  Both were on display yesterday.

We have a young friend that my wife works with.  We’ve known her since she was a pre-teen and she’s babysat for us for years, providing us our much needed days, nights, or even overnights as often as she’s available.  My wife talked to her Friday morning, and she told her she was free for Saturday if we’d like to have a night out.  We never turn down an offer like that so my wife was on board.  My wife texted me at work Friday morning and said we had SB for the night on Saturday, and to think about what maybe we’d like to do.  Great!  Dinner, movie, maybe a few drinks and some live music?  I’m in.

What I didn’t know was that, shortly after that text to me, she had a ding-ding-ding moment.  It was the eleventh hour, we’d thought about getting tickets but didn’t, didn’t know if the boys would be at an archery tournament, etc.

But she checked anyway.  Score!  Four tickets away from a sell-out, she got ’em.  So, instead of dinner and a movie, or perusing through a flea market, we did see some live music after all.  Bonnie Raitt!!!


It was a surprise to me, and I didn’t know until about 3 hours beforehand.  She got me on this one.  I’m not a Bonnie Raitt groupie or anything, though lots of the women in the audience appeared to be, but she is an all-time great.  She’s won 10 Grammy Awards, and was nominated more than 15 other times.  She was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2000.  Rolling Stone ranked her no. 50 on their 100 Greatest Singers list and no. 89 on their 100 Greatest Guitarists list.  Undoubtedly, it was an honor to see her live.

The venue is small and intimate, with terrific acoustics, and perfect for her rich, powerful voice.


She played all of her standards and several from her newest release, Dig in Deep, along with some of her more familiar covers.  Ours was one of the first shows on this tour, and they were still working some kinks out, at her own admission.  But after a slow start, she found her groove, and so did the crowd.


It was a terrific night, a terrific surprise, and further affirmation that my wife is f$&@ing awesome!  I’m certainly one lucky SOB.

Oh, and one more reason to be happy about yesterday?  The Kensucky Mildcats were bounced yesterday, by the candystriped, Tom Crean coached IU Hoosiers!  Made my day, seeing the “Dang, I got out-coached again!” look on Pay Pal Cal’s fluffy face.  An early exit for the kittens means I can now watch the rest of the hoops in peace.  By the way, Doc, I watched ‘Nova earlier.  Lookin’ good!  On to the Sweet 16.

My songs of the day are from the setlist during Ms. Raitts’ fantastic show last night:

Nick of Time

Gypsy In Me

Feels Like Home

Love SneakinUp On You

Right Down The Line

The Comin‘ ‘Round Is GoinThrough

I Can’t Make You Love Me

Something To Talk About



38 comments on “Six String Down”

  1. haha, cool treat. ^_^

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  2. Ooh, something to talk about, indeed! I love Bonnie Raitt, I bet her show was fabulous

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  3. Awesome! Just awesome! And you KNOW I’m flying high right now! Whoop! Yeah! 😃🙃😃

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  4. What an awesome treat. Sounds like those tickets were just meant to be yours. Glad you enjoyed. 🙂

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  5. Your wife is awesome! You are a lucky guy!

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  6. How awesome! “I can’t Make you Love me” is my favorite song of hers.

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  7. Wow! What a great surprise! She’s an awesome performer.

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    • Yes, she is. It was a really great show, in a fairly intimate setting. She interacted with he crowd and admitted that, because this was an early date in the tour, they were still working out the kinks. Kept asking how they sounded, how the crowd was liking the set flow, etc. She’s pretty cool. 🙂

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  8. What a fantastic surprise….that’s what love is all about…..kat

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  9. Ya’ll are toooo cute.

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  10. What a nice surprise for you (both)! Love reading about happy times, even if a “bit sappy” 😉

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  11. […] wrote about it here, so I won’t go into a long dissertation about it.  Rest assured though, it was pretty […]


  12. I love how much you love your wife! So glad y’all got a fun and spontaneous night out. You should check out some of Bonnie Raitt’s older stuff (70’s-mid 80’s). It’s super bluesy and I was raised on it!

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