Color Your World-Sepia

By: sonofabeach96

Apr 03 2016

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Today’s Color Your World Challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells is for the color:



Heres my somewhat sleep deprived, 11-hour drive zombie-ness, jumbled brain take on it:







19 comments on “Color Your World-Sepia”

  1. I like the crab too. And the pier shot.

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  2. Love that second shot, and the crab is hilarious! Well done. Hope you managed some rest.

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  3. You made it! Phew – sigh of relief! I hope you can relax and enjoy. Well, the ocean is a healing balm if you ask me. And you’re in for some sunshine, soak up that Vitamin D. Btw, Villanova vs UNC in the final tomorrow night, if you need some distraction? 😃 hang in there!

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    • I caught the end of ‘Nova game on the radio. Congrats! Hope y’all win. Don’t tell my wife though. She’s a Carolina fan, and her mom and uncle both are UNC grads. I’m not a fan though. Good luck tomorrow night. I’ll be watching. As for the beach? It’s my religion, so I’ll be doing some healing, regardless of what’s happening at home. Thanks, Doc. 😊

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  4. Physical Graffiti – Led Zeppelin.

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  5. What an awesome theme. I enjoyed the photos.

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