Droppin’ In

By: sonofabeach96

Apr 03 2016

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It’s been an interesting couple of days. I’ve questioned things, doubted, been confused, stunned.  I’ve wondered why, how, when?  I’m off center and helpless.  It’s all been a situation which baffles me.  And as much as I want to help, I have no answers.

I consult my wife in times like these, and my friends.  Unfortunately, one of them is who needs help this time.  I would also, until about six years ago, seek the advice and counsel of my mother-in-law.  She was a key sounding board, fantastic at not giving agenda-driven answers, rather offering thought provoking versions and playing devils advocate.  She would lead and guide our discussions and help the answer reveal itself to me, even though she likely knew the answer to begin with.  But she’s gone, and I needed her the past couple of days.

Low and behold, as we stopped in a rest area parking spot, just this afternoon, I spotted it.  A bobby pin.  It may not be much, or mean a thing to anybody else.  But to me, it was exactly what I needed, when I needed it the most.  A sign, a message that she’s there, and aware.  She’s answering my call for her counsel, talking to me without saying a word.

If you have absolutely no idea what the hell I’m talking about, check out these posts, if you want the backstory:


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Some may think I’m crazy.  Grasping for straws, or creating some sorta sign out of nothing.  I don’t care.  I’m convinced that she shows up when needed most, and this is how she tells me she’s there.  Now, I hope she’ll pay my friends a visit.  They need her much more than I do right now.

My song of the day is:

Pure Religion” by Liz Vice

I’m Sick Y’all” by Otis Redding

Honest Man” by Fantastic Negrito


54 comments on “Droppin’ In”

  1. The bobby pin! I remember it!

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  2. I’m glad you found the encouragement you needed.

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  3. I have no doubt it was a sign. I was wondering how things were, hoping you were all okay. It’s hard when you want to help and there’s really nothing you can do except be there for someone. Sending hugs!

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  4. So glad you found a bobby pin!

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  5. I totally get it! It’s those little signs and they make us feel so much better or even smile a little bit. I’m convinced she is there with you and that this was her way of letting you know. Beautiful post!

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  6. I get it, I totally get it. When you’re open to it, signs are around us all the time. And it’s usually when we’re feeling lost that they come. So glad it gave you some comfort, beautiful post.

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  7. Teared up reading this….got chills too. I feel it and I know what you mean. Moments like that are incredible aren’t they? She sounds magnificent just like your wife. I’ll read your links hopefully when I get home tonight. Taking a day trip 😀

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  8. Hope that things are progressing and time is allowing for the answers to your friend’s tribulation.

    Sending positive energy!

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    • They’ll figure something out, one way or another. That’s not for me the guide or direct. I hope they work it out, but not sure if its possible, or if they even want that. Haven’t talked to him today yet.


  9. I hope you’re alright. You know we’re hear for ya!
    You are right about the pins. They are signs and you read them just right.
    I don’t think those who left us are far away. They walk with us. I like to believe that anyway. It’s comforting:)

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    • I agree Anna! I believe it whole heartedly. It’s very comforting indeed. I’m fine. Just worried about my friends. Hopeful they work this out, but not sure they can. We’ll see.

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      • I always want things to end happy, but I know it cannot always be that way for everybody. And happy endings are also very different for us all.

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      • So true. It’s all so fresh, there’s no possible way to know how it will end up. They’re in for a long ride.

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      • Indeed they are. Sometimes I wish people could get the time they need to find good answers. But then there’s always the daily life coming in between. We should be able to put life on pause in such times without consequences.

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  10. She is with you all the time….as living mortals we need reminders and the bobby pin is hers to you…..I love it when I get reminders that those whom I love dearly has past on and come back to help me or remind me they are here with me now….I love how much more at peach you seemed after you mentioned the bobby pin….listen to the wind, I am sure she is whispering the answers you seek ……xxhappy times to you and your family….kat

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  11. Don’t give a wisp of a thought about what others think – if it brings YOU comfort, it’s a sign, even if we can’t explain the mechanics of it.

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  12. Who knows? Every time I see a white butterfly or a rainbow, I say “Hi Mama.” Moments after she passed away, I was sitting on the steps of our front porch and saw both a rainbow and a white butterfly. I’m not religious but I believe in the laws of physics: Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. If you think about it, it’s “crazy” that we’re all living on a spinning orb. I swear I’m not a hippie, but the universe is a big,big place…

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  13. I lost a dear friend to cancer and not only do see signs that he’s thinking of us I hear him speaking on occasion

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  14. […] Sonofabeach96 It’s the little signs we have to see in order to know that they will always be there… […]

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  15. Know what’s funny? I now see a Bobby pin and I think of you guys. Pretty sweet! 🙂

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    • Hahaha! That’s great! Odd thing is, until she passed, it had been years since I’d even seen a bobby pin, except at her house. We’ve probably found nearly a hundred of them since though. It’s pretty wild. 😃

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  16. I see my dead mother-in-law in my dreams when I need help with something.

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  17. I quite agree. She and I would have best of friends.

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