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Apr 15 2016

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I had a bit of a run-in yesterday, with someone I don’t even know. I would ordinarily let it slide.  But this douche was my first.  My first really negative comment, meant to insult and insinuate.  I felt it was a milestone worth mentioning.

My initial interaction with this person was less than friendly.  He apparently didn’t like what I had to say.  I’m ok with that.  Everybody has their opinion, and I respect that.  What I do not respect, however, is someone who comes into my house and pisses on my floor, then slithers out the door.  A coward, using an anonymous cloak, dropping their miserable existence into my space.  Making assumptions, with no real knowledge.  Typical.

This post is dedicated to you, James, whoever the fuck are.  Like the bottom feeder that you appear to be, you remain shrouded in the dark, unresponsive, unwilling to bring anything to the table besides the scum you seem to wallow in.  If you want to debate me, bring your A-game.  If you want to spar with me, eat your Wheaties.  If you want to remain a coward, and hide in your muck, only appearing briefly and then disappearing under cover of the ether, I’d just as soon you say nothing at all.

I welcome any and all to my world here, and enjoy the company.  Even those who may have a differing opinion.  I don’t really care if people like what I put out or not.  I’m not here    to please people.  This is my site, and I’ll post what I damn well please.  But utterly useless, completely negative, or uninformed wastes of skin who choose to toss a grenade on my day and then flee into the darkness?  If you don’t like it, avoid it.  If you feel the need to criticize , shut it.  If you can’t bring something constructive to the discussion, move along.  Tell me to get a life?  Fuck you!  I have a life, and it’s pretty fucking great.  If yours sucks, James, I can understand why.  I acknowledge you this one last time, simply to tell you this: you suck, and are a major asshole.  Oh, and again, fuck off.

To all of you who’s company I enjoy, Happy Friday!  May your day be DB free.

My songs of the day are:

Disappointed” by Field Music

The Critic” by The Brazillian Girls

Man I’m Supposed To Be” by American Aquarium

Gouge Away” by The Pixies

Too Long In The Wasteland” by James McMurtry

Kiss Off” by The Violent Femmes



62 comments on “TGIF”

  1. Happy Friday right back atcha!
    (not James)

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  2. Trolls are everywhere. I agree with you if you don’t like something it is fine but at least discuss it.

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  3. I have no idea how anyone can be mean to you, of all people. You’re so nice!

    The Pixies… one of my favorite bands of all time…

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  4. 🎶talk about your plenty, talk about your ills, one man gathers what another man spills🎶 You are gathering abundantly. DBs like James are full of ills. Don’t let him bring you down, bud! Happy Friday! 😃

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  5. He was an idiot and terribly rude. I mean, he chose to visit your blog so the least, the very least he can be is respectful, friendly, I don’t know, quiet?

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  6. Wth?! Buzz off, James! Debate or disagree tastefully and it’s fine. But to be outright rude? Gimme a break. Not the right place for it here. I feel like it’s such a friendly world we have in our WP community, it just doesn’t belong.

    Have a great weekend!

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    • I couldn’t agree more, Athena. I thought it was…whatever. I started doin’ this as a diversion, an escape of sorts. Last thing I need is a rogue prick dropping his nonsense into my lap. Anyway, hope you have a great weekend too! Thanks! 😃

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  7. I’m sorry some schmuck gave you heck. Monsters come in many shapes, sizes and mentalities. I as well as others certainly appreciate you. That being said… Happy flipp’n Friday and have a great weekend y’all 😉

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  8. Happy, Happy Friday!

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  9. Keep Calm and Listen to Some Grateful Dead!! And just ignore the douchebags!

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  10. At first I thought somebody actually broke in your house and went pee pee on the floor!
    I kept on reading. OH!
    Bloody hell!
    What did I miss?
    Ahem, point me to the direction where the not nice thing happened?

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  11. 👊👊 There’s Always someone is there?!?! Hope the rant and vent helped!!! Sometimes you just gotta do it!!!!!!

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  12. Yep, I agree….and you are a good ranter…it flows!
    I just hope you don’t mind that I am just supportive and not really constructive.

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  13. I just had to look up the douchebag’s comment. Then I tried to track him, but he’s a WP ghost. I’ve been fortunate in not getting too many “troll” comments,but my first was backlash against a post about men being “gentlemen”. Apparently, my appreciation for men holding the door open for a lady is offensive to some. Fuck the trolls!

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  14. TGIF and TGYAY (TG you are you)!

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  15. People like that aren’t worth our attention….Don’t let the mofos get ya down.

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  16. Do you have the comment moderation set up? I am getting some troll comments now and then, and store them in the bin, where they belong. You are online now 😉 Trolls love anonymity.
    Hope you have a great week! Your blog is amazing!

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  17. I love this response you did, I say fuck the haters.

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