One Word Photo Challenge-Book

By: sonofabeach96

Apr 16 2016

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This week’s One Word Photo Challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells is for the word:


As is per usual, mine wont be literal.  Here’s my take on it:

No book can describe the impact of war like a walk through Arlington:


Great spot to read a book:


Book bags, by Bean:


“Book him, Dan-O!”:


Lead characters in my book of love:



My songs of the day are:

Book Faded Brown” by The Band

Rewrite” by Paul Simon

Paperback Writer” by The Beatles

Dyslexic Heart” by Paul Westerburg

Everyday I Write The Book” by Elvis Costello

Epilogue (Nothin’ ‘Bout Me)” by Sting

Can’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover” by Bo Diddley

Book of Love” by Peter Gabriel

22 comments on “One Word Photo Challenge-Book”

  1. My old friends assigned that Elvis Costello song to me as my theme years ago… 🙂

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  2. Always great expression 🙂

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  3. Hey is that Mrs Beach? 😍 Gorgeous family and as usual a terrific playlist!

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  4. Lovely pictures, as usual. All those sweet boys and your beautiful wife!

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  5. Sure is a lot of dead soldiers.

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  6. Lovely pics 🙂 You have a beautiful family 🙂

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