Are You Trying To Tell me Something?

By: sonofabeach96

Apr 18 2016

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I used to get kinda weirded out by finding these.  They show up at odd times and in some unusual places, like in our freezer, next to one of the boys’ beds, or in our shower, for example.  It’s been goin’ on for so long now though, that I’ve come to accept it, and gain some measure of comfort from this phenomenon, or whatever word best describes it.

But to find two in one day, in the span of less than an hour?  That’s rare, even for us.  I can’t help but wonder if CJ is trying to tell me something.  Or, maybe I’m just batshit crazy.

My songs of the day are:

Ship To Wreck” by Florence and The Machine

Dreams” by Beck

If I Ever Leave This World Alive” by Flogging Molly

Wishing On A Star” by Paul Weller

Dance Back From The Grave” by Marc Cohn

40 comments on “Are You Trying To Tell me Something?”

  1. The magic is in the mystery, right haha!

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  2. Maybe CJ is just trying to make you batshit crazy?!? LOL. No doubt there is a message there!!!!! At least that’s what I’d believe!!!

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  3. haha well I find them everywhere and my girls are older now! Sorry I think just random

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  4. Just say thank you and accept it!

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    • I usually do, but three? That’s weird. People try to rationalize it away, and that’s fine. They may be correct. But I may be correct too. They don’t know for certain any more than I do.

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      • Nobody playing a trick on you, right? So it’s that simple. Don’t question it, take it as a sign, be happy about it. I understand that you get to the point where you question things. I’m there too. I have a thing with feathers. So the other day while on my walk I saw so many feathers. First I was happy and felt peaceful, knowing it was a sign. But then I started questioning it, wondering if it was not simply a coincidence as birds are everywhere therefor feathers can be everywhere too… But you know what: They were feathers of different birds so I’m back to seeing it as a sign…

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      • Well, if someone’s playing a trick, they’re dedicated. I see it much the way I see astrology or Feng Shui, or any other mystical out of the box ideologies: it’s individual and if it makes one feel better, feel comfort, or improves ones energy, then it works. May not for everybody, but does it have to? Nope. If it works for you, go with it. I’m going with it. 😃

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      • Exactly! There you go! Cherish those pins!

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  5. Please don’t get my last comment wrong, it may sound harsh but was not meant to be! I believe that she wants to tell you something and it’s her way to do it. Embrace it 🙂

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  6. I think it means something, I don’t know what it would be, though. Very cool

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  7. Unless you get hurt by one, I think it’s just a game of peek-a-boo! It’s all fun and games.

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  8. I am thinkin she is aware of what your going through…your good friend and your post the other day….she is aware you might need a little nurturing…and shes makin sure you get it..of course I could be way off…but that’s the way I see it…nice to be loved from beyond!!! kat

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    • Thanks Kat! That’s my belief too. I’ve gotten differing opinions today, even though I wasn’t necessarily asking. I feel the same, and have for some time. I was just kinda journaling it today, because it felt weird finding so many in a short time. Coincidence? Maybe. To me? Not coincidence at all.

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      • No coincidence at all…she’s clearly letting you know she’s here….sometimes I believe its just make you feel better, feel loved and now someone understands what your feeling and going through…I am passionate about these things…I have a sister who went ahead of us and she shows up all the time to remind me of her love and shes here for me….feels great….

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      • That’s my thinking on it too. Thanks Kat! 😃


  9. You know what’s crazy in my opinion? Existing on an earth that is rotating! NOT questioning everything is “crazy” to me. Dismissive attitudes about beliefs is crazy to me. We live on a spinning globe! That’s super weird if you think about it. Believing that those who’ve passed are communicating with us isn’t “crazy” if you think about our existence as a whole.

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    • I’m with ya! I believe there’s…something, after this life. I find it funny when people think we, as humans, and this current existence as such, is the pinnacle. The end. Don’t buy it. There’s something beyond this realm, I believe. Not necessarily in religious terms, at all, but in energy transference and spiritual longevity after these bodies wear out. That’s what I believe, at least.

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      • Me too. I think it’s arrogance to proclaim that one “knows the absolute truth”. I’m not a hippie, and I don’t subscribe to anyone’s set of beliefs. The world is vast and everyone’s experience matters.

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      • Couldn’t agree more. It’s just what I believe, not what everyone should believe. And what’s wrong with hippies? 😃

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  10. Hey, that is totally weird !!! I would be really curious and want to solve the mystery!!! Hope you manage to figure it out….or it will drive you crazy !!! 🙂

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    • Well, she died six years ago now, and in that time we’ve found dozens. It used to be bizarre to me but I’ve come to accept it as her way to let us know she’s around. Don’t usually find multiples like that. That made me pause a bit. 😃

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  11. Understanding the “phonecalls” from the place where time don’t exist isn’t easy. They call you and you don’t always know how to answer or how to listen to what they want to say. When you die in about hundred years you will get the answer how it works!

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