How True Is This?

By: sonofabeach96

Apr 19 2016

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This may be the best and most appropriately telling protest sign I’ve ever seen.  How true is this?  Same shit, different millennia.  When will our leaders learn…and when will we all begin to realize we have the power to remove these fools?  Vote people!  You have the power!

My songs of the day are:

People Get Ready” by Curtis Mayfield

Burn To Shine by Ben Harper

Changes” by David Bowie

False Hope” by Laura Marling

Days of Farewell” by John Mellancamp

Overkill” by Jimmy Buffet

Fireflies” by Mofro

Chop ‘Em Down” by Matisyahu





27 comments on “How True Is This?”

  1. I wish I could Like this 30 times!!!

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  2. I rarely click links to listen to songs, but I did today. Love the Curtis Mayfield track. So relevant and soulful.

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  3. That sign haha. I like the song title by The Manics: “If you tolerate this your children will be next”

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  4. Oh… this is the best thing I’ve seen all day! It is kind of sad and pathetic that the world is this way… but that sign is the best.

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  5. Love it. She should also be flipping off the camera, for full effect. I hear ya lady!!

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  6. Yes!

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  7. love this woman!!!!!

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  8. Best protest poster ever!

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