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Apr 21 2016

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I’m a bit late here, but life calls, ya know.  I’m sure I’m not alone in mentioning and mourning the most recent loss in 2016: Prince.

There’s no question he was one of the biggest names in music, and a must-see when he toured in your vicinity.  He was this magical combination of Motown, club music, R&B, techno, glam rock, and, of course, funk.  Of all the concerts I’ve seen, and there’s a bunch, the one and only time I saw him is still in my top-20 best shows attended, even 20 years later.

With this loss, I wonder if he’s the last of a genre.  Tracy, maybe you can chime in, but has funk lost its last proponent?  Sure, there’s plenty of funk guys around still, but they aren’t still recording.  Prince, despite his pop-music fame, was pure funk at his core.  Is he the last of it?  I only someone takes the reigns.

Heres what I’m cuing up this evening:

“Darling Nikki” by Prince

“Black Sweat” by Prince

“Give ‘Em What You Love” by Janelle Monae (featuring Prince)


“Musicology” by Prince

27 comments on “Musicologist”

  1. Prince was definitely one of a kind but who knows, maybe some time will be inspired to recreate his type of music. Such a sad loss to the music world.

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  2. 2016 seems to be the year that has many musicians leaving us…

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  3. I could not believe it. I know he landed in western Illinois recently because he was ill but then released to go home. Heartbreaking. My favorite song of his was Little Red Corvette, used to exercise to that year’s ago at Chicago Health Club. Our instructor, Hector, was a Prince fan with dyed black hair and all! Wow, I remember like it was yesterday…

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  4. That man was a musical superhero, or at least he was to me. I don’t know that another like him will come along in my lifetime.

    You ask if there’s anyone out there who has got that funk…I would have to dig deep in the underground, or at the least under the mainstream radar. I can’t think of anyone at the moment who could carry the funk mantle.

    And I’ve seen it said already, but 2016 is just being a bitch. Musical greats are going away from here at an alarming rate. And there are still eight more months to go…

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    • Definitely a kick to the nads, 2016 has been this far. There’s stars going every year, but this year, they’re mega stars, royalty, voices of a generation. Been rough. As for the funk torch, there’s some young promise, but some are irreplaceable. Prince was one of those. Sad day.

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  5. I never got to see him…just never worked out….love his music….I just hope he didn’t suffer…..kat

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  6. Minneapolis has certainly been a surreal place to be over the last couple of days. Purple everywhere. He was truly loved. Such a loss….

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