Color Your World-Wisteria

By: sonofabeach96

Apr 27 2016

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Today’s Color Your World Challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells is for the color:



There have been nearly as many shades of purple as there have been shades of pink.  At this point, I’d take a shade of gray.  I’m beginning to struggle with this challenge.  This isn’t my best effort, but here’s my take on it:

My wife’s paint pen:


Saddle blanket:


Some of my wife’s yarn:




Flowers at base of climbable silo:


24 comments on “Color Your World-Wisteria”

  1. You seem to be over the challenge, but I really like the tie dye one!

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  2. Well done as always!

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  3. Love these! And I agree – really “feel” the tie dye shot!

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  4. Hey, the tie-dye shot is my favorite one too!

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  5. Great pics’s that you have captured 🙂

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  6. great color….hey just wanted to share…I had my direst rude blogger…I think he/she is young…they commented on my post and told me I should go over and check out theres…so the frigin nice person I am I went over and read all 6 post in April…commented on one and told whomever I enjoyed there blog….then I get a comment back if I enjoyed it so much I would of commented on all the post…well now that I have gotten that out, it probably wasn’t as rude as I made it out to be…but WTF don’t tell me I have to comment…guess I will just unfollow this fool..LOL well I feel better now that I dumped this on your doorstep….thanks for the ear….LOL hope your doing well…..summer is just around the corner…swimming stuff if out down here….kat

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  7. oh ya….love the tie die shirt in the picture behind the flowers….very nice…kat

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  8. I really like the tie dye one. And the fact that the rider is wearing running shoes. 😊 That’s my kind of riding. I took my boots off the other day because they were too hot and rode in my socks.

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    • Haha! That’s one of the twins. I’ve worn Keens forever, they’re great for padding because they work great in water. Once the boys got big enough to paddle themselves, we started getting them Keens too. They live in them.

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