Well, you asked

By: sonofabeach96

May 14 2016

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If you don’t want the answer, that which you already know before asking, by the way, then I recommend withholding the question.

That is all.


My songs of the day are:

“Reaching” by Otis Junior and Dr. Dundiff

“S.O.B.” by Nathaniel Raitliff and The Night Sweats

“Four Kicks” by Kings of Leon

“Something Stupid” by The Mavericks and Trisha Yearwood

“Action (feat. Cat Power and Mike D)” by Cassius

“Righteously” by Lucinda Williams

“Payback” by James Brown

“The Sins of Memphis” by John Prine


59 comments on “Well, you asked”

  1. That’s true, of course wanting an answer and liking the answer are too very different things. For instance if I ask you, “Are you a mass murderer” and you answer, “yes”. It will directly affect how much time we spend together. I will appreciate your honesty but I still won’t want to hang out with you.

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  2. I once had to tell a very confident and inexperienced playwright (who asked my opinion) that her work was bland. Words strung together with no focus. She took me to task for using the word “bland” and sent people after me to demand an apology. Two months later, the play came out. The set was fantastic looking, fit for a Chanel runway show. The audience fell asleep fifteen minutes into the 80-minute presentation. A year after that, when curtains came down on a play I wrote and directed, featuring simple costuming and few props, she came over to shake my hand. That was the end of that.

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  3. Uh, oh, what did you do??

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  4. exactly!

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  5. Yeah, what did you do?

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  6. Sounds like a mic drop in that post!

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  7. Cat Power is the shit.

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  8. Short, and to the point 🙂

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  9. Yeah, if you’re looking for validation, or support, you need to be asking for THAT, not my opinion. Because the two might not be the same thing.

    And not being the warm-n-fuzzy type, I’m not often inclined to ask “hey, are you looking for confirmation here, or the truth?” first.

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  10. I do agree that things can usually be said nicely but remembering the circumstances, if she asked what you thought you had to be honest. Not a lot of middle ground there 🙂

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  11. It’s so true! Sorry if you were shit on because you were asked for an honest opinion.

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  12. Good quote and so true. You did the right thing, but you will never hear that from her 😉

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  13. Been traveling and rather irregular with WordPress, but when I read your post I suspected it was your female friend you were referring to. Sometimes emotions just can’t be prettied up. They’re raw because you are also hurting since you genuinely care about both of them and don’t wish to see their pain. I’d bet you didn’t say anything but the truth – perhaps a harsh look in the mirror she wasn’t ready to take? Don’t second guess yourself. Your friends chose you and love you for a reason.

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    • She’s mad at me, and my friend isn’t too pleased either. But, she asked, so…. 😏

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      • It’s a tough situation any way you look at it and there’d be high emotion regardless of the way you expressed a thought. Hang in there. Hard not to get the blues when something like this happens to best buds.

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      • Believe me, I could’ve said a lot more than I did. We all know where each other stands now though. My friend and I will be fine. The relationship between her and I? Not so sure at this point.

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