Decisions, decisions

By: sonofabeach96

May 16 2016

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Well, tomorrow’s the day.  The first step in, hopefully, preventing this guy:


, from becoming my leader.  It’s Primary Day here tomorrow, and I’m a registered Democrat.  As such, I won’t yet be able to cast my vote against him directly, but I can vote for the person I hope keeps him at bay, and back on the front of The National Enquirer.  It’s not ideal, to be voting for the person whom I believe could beat The Trumpster Fire in the head-to-head general election, and not necessarily whom I’d actually prefer to be my President.  But, in this particular election, I feel as though I have no choice.  At this point, I believe I’d get behind ANYBODY before him.  Unfortunately, None of the Above isn’t an option.

P.S.  I mean no disrespect to The National Enquirer.  That’s some quality reading right there.  😏


My, late, songs of the day are:

“Lessons” by Ha Ha Tonka

“Ride The Pony” by The Meters

“Meticulous Bird” by Thao and The Get Down Stay Down

“Kings Highway” by Joe Henry

“We Are More” by Ziggy Marley


28 comments on “Decisions, decisions”

  1. I’d hate to be in your shoes as Americans! What a choice you have! We have the Brexit vote coming soon, as in whether we should come out of the EU, or stay in, but the whole Trump issue is just scary!

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  2. I am scared. And I am embarrassed to live in a country where Drumpf (that is his real name…) is even a possibility. I can no longer watch the news. Every time I see his creepy face, I feel sick. Literally ill.

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  3. If there was ever an argument for a national primary, this year is the one… As of now, any state primary is moot. And therefore, it’s a lie that every vote counts.

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    • That’s a good point. Much the way the Electoral College is a farce to the overall vote tally. There’s a lot of overhauling that should take place in the system, it’s outdated, but its unlikely it’ll ever happen.

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  4. Oh, I so agree that so many changes should start with our voting system and Congress, but I doubt that will happen any time soon…

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  5. Fingers crossed all over the world

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  6. I am going to diiiiiie!

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