Divide and….Divide

By: sonofabeach96

May 25 2016

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What the fuck is going on here?  More rhetoric, hate spewing like lava from the oraffice’s of mouth breathing volcano’s, and creating a social divide the likes of which have not been seen since the early 60’s.  Why are these cretins so vociferous all of the sudden?

The Trumpster Fire, that’s why.  Him becoming the so-called leader of the free world is no longer a joke to be mocked on SNL.  This campaign is becoming an all too real possibility, and a sad tribute to revisionist history.  Conjuring up images of some of history’s most diabolical “leaders”.  No, I don’t think he will be involved in genocide, internment camps, or persecution based on race, religion, or creed.  But what he is creating, or recreating, if you will, is complete and total divisiveness.

The people of this country, who’ve been harboring their hate, tucked away in the shroud of political correctness and “liberal laws”, now have their messiah.  They now have the talking head they lacked, and sought for years, with the media hanging on his every word, bringing their agenda of racism, exclusion, and segregation into the light once again.  It’s been growing, in the damp and dank root cellars of this sect for years, and finally, the savior has afforded them the “right” to re-emerge from their holes.

There was a prime example of it here the past couple of days.  The NRA had their annual convention here, and none other than Ted Nugent was a keynote speaker.  Yes, that Ted Nugent.  The Motor City Madman lived up to his alias.


Reaffirming his messiah’s call to ban Muslims, comparing them to dogs who attack children.  He’s no stranger to whacked out statements, with a fake video of Hillary Clinton being shot, calling The President Osama Obama, and on the record as saying Harry Reid should be shot, to name but a few.  So, it’s really no surprise that he would fall in line and blindly follow his trusty mouthpiece in verbatim.

These people and their inflammatory stances aren’t new news, of course.  They have always been lurking, just waiting for the second coming of The One.  Well, he’s here.  And his minions are now rising from their depths and proudly spouting off their allegiance to their long awaited ring leader.  The circus is in town and there aren’t enough VW’s for these clowns to ooze out of.

Dont get me wrong.  I’m in favor of the right to bear arms.  I own three guns myself.  This is not a bash against gun rights or legally acquired weapons, so any fanatics who may want to bash me for this can keep it to yourselves.  I’m of the mindset that guns don’t kill people, people kill people.  That said, a ban on assault weapons wouldn’t break my heart.  I don’t see the need for weapons capable of mass destruction being in the hands of the general public, but that’s another debate for another time.

This is about the hatred and bigotry and audacious arrogance that was, and continues to be, prominently displayed during this farce of a campaign.  I watch in dismay as this shepherd and his narrow minded sheep find their voice and attempt to regress and repeal the sacrifice and hard labor of a generation.  Those who fought for equal rights, civil rights, equality, peace, and social change, often times at the expense of their own freedom or life.  Where are the Dr. King’s and Bobby Kennedy’s of this country?  We could use now.



32 comments on “Divide and….Divide”

  1. I understand. Your concern is hatred and how it incites anger and violence and intolerance. You’re spreading the right message. Let’s hope others continue to see this same thing. It’s disheartening.

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    • It’s already causing a rift in the delicate ecosystem that is our society. The more traction and support he gains, the wider that chasm will likely become. Socially, it’s disheartening for sure. I’m only one vote, but it sure as hell won’t be for him.

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  2. Every vote counts – and never more than now is it important to get out and vote!

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  3. I am so glad you have said something about this. Atleast speaking counts as action, many resort to staying quiet. Most just bash and compare! Thank you for penning your thoughts down!

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    • Just drives me batshit crazy. The Trumpster Fire isn’t doing anything especially shocking. He’s been ass forever more. But the arrogant spewing and hate filled rhetoric are being ratcheted up, and the sheep are now coming outta the woodwork. That’s the scary part. The frustrating part is that it’s business as usual for politics. Not one word of trying to work together, for the betterment of us all. Just more of the blame shifting and an even greater level of decisiveness. It’s a shame. Thanks for reading, by the way. Nice to meet you. 😃

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      • You are so right. You have raised a very important point. It feels like all candidates have a hidden Trump in them, they are resorting to only one means i.e. bashing one another, showing how great they are at beating the other. And to be honest, I think if they won’t follow this rhetoric, they won’t be able to succeed. For instance if Trump keeps spewing hatred for Hillary and Hillary doesn’t respond back to him, the masses will be getting only one sided opinion and that can harm image of Hillary, so it will not be good for her. But I blame this on Drumpf. He has such low self regard for others. I bet if Obama was an opponent instead of Trump for instance, there wouldn’t have been so much fire among the candidates. you honestly need to grow up to be a president. Trump is still a child. I wonder why some Americans are so naive to be voting for him. It is no doubt that Trump’s rhetoric has further divided the world and hearts. He has turned things bad for many. Wonder what he’s going to do for America. The person who has beef with almost every second person, cannot run a country.
        Nice to meet you too!
        Btw I love your blog name. It’s so catchy!

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      • Very well said! Thank you! I couldn’t believe nobody else was using the name! 😃

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    • Glad to hear I’m not alone on this. He’s wasting a great opportunity to do something special, and merely widening the divide. Just a shame. Never saw him as a politically viable candidate, but his actions indicate he’s just gonna be another player of the game. Sad.

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      • I never thought it was even a remote possibility that Trump would get this far. It all seemed like a big joke. Now, I’m just… scared what this will do to the country if he wins. There’s going to be more intolerance and violence than ever because those who ever thought that way will feel justified in doing so… and that is not okay.

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      • Exactly! They now have their shepherd, and they’re definitely becoming more vocal and blatant about it. He may turn out to be a fine President, but the societal chasm is growing bigger by the day at his direction. Not liking it, but, it’s a free country…in theory.


  4. I am supporting the right to bare arms (with thanks to Sesame Street :)).
    Being a Western European I will never understand the need for guns. That people hunt in areas where you can hunt with a license, OK, but that is a different type of weapon…the weapons many US citizen bear based on a disputed right, see pbs.org “How conservatives reinvented the second amendment” I will never understand….

    But all jokes and sad facts aside, Donald Trump is the king of the whoppers according to a fact check organisations, such as FactCeck.Org. The organisation never saw Trump’s match in 12 years !
    “70% of Trumps’s claims are found to merit four Pinocchios, the worst rating one can obtain…” (Renzetti, Globe and Mail, May 21st, 2016).
    That Americans like megalomaniacs….I will also never understand.
    My dad said that reading about Trump provides him with pain in his belly….I agree…but many, unfortunately love the man. Even on photos….his delusional self-importance drips off him…the angry, dissatisfied face of someone who hates.

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    • Couldn’t agree more about The Trumpster Fire. He’s a hot mess, and don’t see what people see in him. It’ll be a sad day if he’s elected. As for the gun thing, I’m in favor of being able to own them, legally. But assault weapons serve no purpose other than killing people in bunches or compensating for little wieners. Neither of which are covered under the Second Amendment. 😃

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  5. I hope no one thinks that Canada isn’t affected by the policies and tendencies going on in the US! I feel more and ore like we are just another state… I just don’t feel I have a right to have my say in the american politics though… I just hope you guys do the right thing so that we can keep on rockin in a free world!

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  6. Its getting fucking scary!!!! Thought I would just add this….

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  7. I just now saw this post, but I wholeheartedly agree. He’s a monster, who changes his political views on a dime. How are people buying his bullshit??? I’ve never been so embarrassed to be an American.

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    • Doesn’t make a luck of sense to me. The scariest part is all the cretins who’ve crawled out from their holes that have been waiting for their mouthpiece. Hate and more hate, and it’ll get worse as it goes forward. Sad.

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      • I know it. I don’t even know how these people get internet in their doomsday bunkers! What kills me is that even he doesn’t really buy his own bullshit. He’s just a loud, talking head, and if his supporters would take the time to look up his contradictions,they’d jump off the bandwagon. But Googling takes effort. Aarrrgh!

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      • Googling requires being able to read. 😃

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  8. Guns! Cool. I’m coming over to watch. In all seriousness, though, my family has all migrated to the United States, some of them before I was even born. It worries me that they’re having to deal with this stuff on top of all the drama in the world. I am also born into a family of European/African migrants so it is interesting to me how anyone in the Western world can talk about immigration with a straight face. I don’t dislike Trump. I’ve never taken him that seriously and don’t find him especially intimidating but really, I think the American public has been hypnotised by reality shows and are really under the impression that an industrialised country can be run by a pop tart. We’ll see. xo

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    • It really is kinda pathetic. Like I’ve said, The Trumpster Fire is nothing more than a mouthpiece. And, frankly, the President is one of the least powerful people in DC. I just hate how he only widens the distance between citizens of this country, making it ok to openly be in favor prejudice, bigotry, and exclusion. He’s inflammatory and his sheep now feel confident enough to come out of the woodwork and fly their “I hate …” flags. Now, everyone’s opinion is allowed here. It’s technically a free country. But if it were up to him and his followers, it wouldn’t be. As for the guns? Yes, I’m a gun owner. Yes, I bird hunt. Yes, my kids have been trained on gun safety and use. I make zero apologies for that. But they are not assault rifles or automatic pistols. They are legally acquired.

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  9. I am going to the gas chambers!

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