The Greatest

By: sonofabeach96

Jun 04 2016

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I just heard the sad, sad news of the passing of Muhammad Ali.  Also known as Cassius Clay, The Louisville Lip, and, of course, The Greatest.


He was, of course, a champion boxer, possibly the best there ever has been.  But he was so much more outside of the ring.  He was known worldwide, and loved by millions.  This news hits home, literally, as he’s a native of my hometown.  I grew up seeing him as a champion, but also as a real and genuine human being.  He was around frequently, and frequented local places.  Engaging, funny, and fun loving are my best description of him.  And that personality and fame were parlayed into humanitarianism and philanthropy.


But his most noble and irreplaceable contributions came as a voice and an inspiration.

This man will be remembered historically, and missed beyond measure.


28 comments on “The Greatest”

  1. This is like the worst year ever! Truly a legend. I loved him, too. I admired his talent and personal conviction.

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  2. Such a sad loss, he was truly an inspiration.

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  3. So sad. There was probably no room in the world that he could enter without being recognized, respected, revered. (Paraphrasing Bill Clinton, when asked who he thought was the most famous person in the world. )

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  4. Yeah, I woke to the News. I’d kind of expected it but so sad…

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  5. Heard this first thing this morning… He was The Greatest. We’re losing so many great ones. What a year… 😥

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  6. I had not heard this! Wow. This is crazy. I had a lot of respect for him and even his daughter. Met him once in Atlanta back in 2003… was suffering bad from Parkinson’s but was such a kind man and chatted with me when his agent was ushering him off. He stopped her and stayed talking with us. That’s when I knew he was larger than life. Even ill and elderly he was a boss!

    Thank you for sharing. I will say a special prayer for him today. He made great memories for many.

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  7. Very sad news, I could not believe it when I heard it on the news this morning…

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  8. Hi Beach, I nominated you for Lovely Blog Award, Hope you don’t mind. You can also accept it in appreciation of your work.

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