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Jun 08 2016

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I’ve gotten another pat on the back from my man Vinnieh.  His site is extremely cool with lots of movie reviews, fun with pop culture, and terrific content.  If ya’ haven’t been yet, I really think you should!

This time, Vinnie has dropped this one on me:


From Vinnie:

“And for these nominees(if they so wish to take part) are my eleven questions, which I’ve tried to make as interesting as possible.”

Here are his questions:

Are you a fan of the TV show Mad Men?

I’m probably in the minority here, but I never was a regular to the show.  I’ve seen a few episodes here and there, but there are precious few shows I would consider myself a regular viewer of.  I liked what I’ve seen of it though.

What do you do to get inspiration to right your posts, is there a certain ritual you do?

Not really.  I started doing this because of wanting to find a more convenient method of journaling, and a personal issue I had/have with my dad.  But it’s morphed into a kinda whatever’s on my mind at the time thing.  Currently, I’m eaten up with photo stuff, and I enjoy having that outlet because photography is such a large chunk of who I am.  As for inspiration?  Nothing special really, and if there is none, I just don’t post.

What film gave you nightmares?

Well, I’ve never thought horror movies were particularly scary, rather more funny in a predictable and cheesey kinda way, so none have given me nightmares.  But one movie that did scare me a bit was Jaws.  Primarily because any time you’re in the ocean, which I am a lot, a shark attack is a real possibility.  It gives a little cause for pause each time I get on surf board, ya’ know?

What’s your philosophy in life?

I don’t know that I have one, honestly.  I do believe in Karma, and I believe in The Golden Rule.  This quote, most commonly attributed to Mother Teresa, would kinda sum it up, I suppose:


Would you describe yourself as an artistic kind of person?

I suppose so.  I love photography, I can build and remodel things house-wise, and I make stained glass pieces.  Oh, and I can play guitar…a little.  Would I call myself an artist?  No.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Bungee jumping from a bridge in Idaho.  I’ve done some crazy shit, and whitewater kayaked in some of the most dangerous rivers in the US for years now.  But jumping off a bridge, in a swan dive, with a boulder infested river mere inches from my head at the end-range of the rubber band (i.e. bungee cord) that was wrapped around my ankle was pretty stupid.  Fun though, and quite the adrenaline rush.

What is the most romantic movie you’ve ever seen?

Oh man, that’s a tough one. This is probably a crappy answer, but I always found Casablanca to be the ultimate in romance.

Do you take a lot of selfies?

Nope, I’m far more comfortable behind the camera rather than in front of it.  The word “selfie” even bugs me, for some reason.

What first made you want to start a blog?

I sorta answered this inadvertently above, but I’ll repeat.  I wanted an easier way to journal and an issue with my dad came to a head on Father’s Day of last year.  Here’s that post if interested: 

Are you a relaxed person or always someone whose ready to do something?

A little of both.  My personality is mellow, laid back, and pretty chill.  But, I’m easily coerced into whatever, because I’m always up for fun, frivolity, and/or adventure.  Before kids, it was on a moments notice.  After kids, picking up and going required a bit more planning.  But not much.

What is the first thing you remember doing today?

Hitting the snooze button…three times.


There ya’ go.  Thanks again, Vinnie, for the nod and the awesome questions.  I know I’m supposed to nominate a certain number of y’all, but I can’t.   As per my usual, if ya’ like Vinnie’s questions and want to play along, please, consider yourself nominated.  I feel like maybe I’m getting a rep for being where awards come to die.  Oh well.

My songs of the day are:

“Fins” by Jimmy Buffet

“Old Man” by Neil Young

“Mellow Yellow” by Donovan

“Banana Pancakes” by Jack Johnson

“Fault Lines” by Tom Petty

“Lowdown” by Boz Skaggs

“My Father’s Eyes” by Eric Clapton

“Crazy” by Barenaked Ladies

26 comments on “Thanks!”

  1. I read your Fathers Day post. I know when my youngest was born, lots of people, including some family, were very uncomfortable with his disabilities and the situation. We got one baby card. One. My son had a cleft lip and palate and my mom didn’t want me to take pictures w/o a pacifier in his mouth. I think the “imperfection” was hard for her to deal with. I’m not sure anyone really understood the stress, emotionally and financially, that we went through. I’d suggest you just keep reaching out to your dad and maybe he’ll grow up eventually and develop a relationship with his grandsons. I feel for you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s the weird part, that the disconnect didn’t happen until the twins. Of course, it was shortly after the twins that we started the odyssey of getting my oldest diagnosed. No, they have no fucking clue the stress, money, time, worry that comes with having all that on our plate. Because they never seemed to ask. Ya know, I don’t want to make it sound like I had this awful childhood. I wasn’t physically abused. Mom and I were without a home at times but my grandparents took us in. I was just a pawn though, used and ignored unless there was some benefit to not. I figured it may be different with grandkids. I’ll give my mom credit. She’s been great to these boys. My dad was but then, as is his m.o., it just stopped. It came to a head for me on that Fathers Day. It stings me still, but it breaks my heart for my boys and, oddly enough, for my dad. He’s missing out on what I think is one of life’s greatest joys. And doing so volitionally. I just don’t get it. I like to pretend that it doesn’t bother me, and that I’m accepting of what it is. But that’s a lie.

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      • I’m sorry for your dad and all he’s missing. I know what you mean about acceptance. I understand the way my mom was, I know she didn’t seek help earlier cause she didn’t think she had a problem, but the way she acted wasn’t okay and it bothers me if I let it. We all seem to get it (my family) and can talk it out, but it’s still a shame the way she acted.

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      • Time doesn’t necessarily heal all wounds. 😕

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  2. I just read your Fathers Day post, too. What an odd thing to have happen. Especially at such a tough time for you all. It’s not like you stopped traveling or getting together for selfish reasons. My in laws were like that though. They would not come to visit us. We always had to go to them and if we didn’t, we wouldn’t see them. My MIL had some pretty weird ideas about how families should function… Or maybe I should say dysfunction! I think you’re right that he’s missing out. But I’d keep trying. It seems to me if you had a good relationship once, you can have one again. You’ve kinda been through the ringer, haven’t you? My god what a traumatic experience with the babies and then an autism diagnosis on top of that. You guys are awesome. Truly.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Doc. It hasn’t been easy, to be sure. But you know what? We are happy, we made it through it, we’re upright, we’re all breathing, and we try to have as much fun as possible while doing so. I don’t understand the way things have turned out, and I don’t think I’ll stop trying. Even though, most days I think about stopping. But what can I do? He’s my dad. The whole scene kind of breaks my heart. Mainly for the boys though. 😕

      Liked by 1 person

      • And really, that’s all you can do. Live your lives, be happy and carry on. Sometimes you have to choose your family, you know what I mean? My own family is kinda sucky. I have a difficult relationship with my mom… And she lives with us! But that’s a whole n’other story… So I regard as family those people who I know have my back in good times and bad, sunshine and hurricanes. And unfortunately none of them share my DNA. But I still got ’em! Your boys have their “aunts and uncles” and two terrific parents. They’re going to be fine. 🙂

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      • Thanks, Doc. Good to hear that sometimes, ya know. 😊

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  3. The word ‘selfie’ bugs the hell out of me, too. I don’t know why… I just can’t stand it!

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  4. Just read that Father’s Day post as well, and I empathize. I don’t go into it on my blog, but I haven’t spoken to my Father in around 8 years. He is a toxic man, and after years of trying to please him, I finally had to stop ingesting his poison. The last time I saw him, he was 2 hours late picking me up from the airport. I was back in TX, for my beloved Grandfather’s funeral. He didn’t apologize for being late, and the first thing he said to me was “you’ve gained weight”. Like you, I wish things were different, but like you, I can also say that I honestly tried. On the bright side, we might have never gotten the chance to experience your world if your dad had been better to you. For that reason, I’m glad he inadvertently made you who you are. Our pasts don’t define us.

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    • Thank you so much. The problem I have in just saying “that’s it!” is that I get to that point, then talk myself in to trying just one more time. He’s now 70, so I think about time left, you know. I don’t know. I guess I’ll know it’s time when it is. Thank you again. 😊

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  5. Thank you for answering the questions. Just read your father’s day post, sorry to hear about the problems there. I admire your honesty when you blog.

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  6. The word ‘selfie’ bugs the heck outta me too! Can’t figure out why.

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