A Bucket Of Thanks!

By: sonofabeach96

Jun 09 2016

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This is to say, “Thanks so much!”, to my recent acquaintance Eddaz.  I love her site and always look forward to her posts and comments.   If you haven’t visited, I recommend doing so.

Anyway, here’s what I’m thanking her for:



As with all of these awards, there are some rules:



Ok, seven facts about myself?  I have no idea how interesting these are, or even significant to what and who I am, but here goes:

  1. I’m an only child.
  2. My wife and I celebrate our 20th anniversary on June 10th.
  3. I love animals, dogs in particular, and have had at least one my entire life (minus the couple of weeks here there after one had passed).
  4. In my opinion, Led Zeppelin is the greatest band of all-time.
  5. Nikon is the only camera brand I’ll buy (minus antique ones that I collect or my Leica medium format, which is now 40 years old).
  6. In this 100th year of our National Parks here in the US, I’ll mention that my favorite is Yosemite (even though I adore all the ones we frequent).
  7. I’m brutally honest, when asked for my opinion on something or someone.


Ok, there ya’ have it.  Not sure how interesting these answers are, but I’ve completed my task.  Again, thank you for the nod to Eddaz, and please drop by her site.  As per my usual, I nominate any and all of y’all who may wanna participate.


My songs of the day are:

“Black Dog” by Led Zeppelin

“Truth and Honesty” by Aretha Franklin

“I Turn My Camera On” by Spoon

“51st Anniversary” by Jimi Hendrix

“The Only Child” by Jackson Browne

“No Quarter” by Led Zeppelin

“My Dog And Me” by John Hiatt

“The Bucket” by Kings of Leon


24 comments on “A Bucket Of Thanks!”

  1. Nice! Happy anniversary! I hope you have a special day!

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  2. Happy Happy Anniversary ❤️❤️

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  3. Congrats. Happy anniversary

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  4. Happy Anniversary man.

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  5. Nice. Happy anniversary.

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  6. Happy Anniversary…ours is the 11th……have to say I didn’t get wisked away to the Keys though….LOL

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