Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Doors and Drawers

By: sonofabeach96

Jun 09 2016

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This week’s edition of The Fun Foto Challenge from Cee’s Photography is for the topic:


If you haven’t been to visit Cee, and I’m really not sure why you haven’t yet, I recommend you do so.

Here’s my take on it:

Through the truck door:


Our camper door:


Red Bar, Grayton Beach, FL:


Aft lounge door, NC ferry:


My old apartment, New Orleans:


27 comments on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Doors and Drawers”

  1. I love your old apartment door. Somewhere I have a picture of the door to my London flat from back in college… it’s pretty cool. But I’m sure I’m never going to find it! 😀

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  2. Some great doors here.

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  3. Love that truck door photo!

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  4. I love the one of your old apartment.

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  5. I like all your selections – but thru the truck door is my fav – what sparkle….

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  6. You have some marvelous doors for this week. Thanks.

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  7. OMG! >My old apartment, New Orleans:
    Tell me more! More pictures of it? It’s pad locked?

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