Another Dose Of WTF?

By: sonofabeach96

Jun 12 2016

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Sitting in the airport, waiting to board a plane to come home.  From Key West, FL.  My wife checked her Facebook feed and started weeping.  She had just read about the mass shooting in Orlando.

Thoughts and prayers to any and all affected by this cowardly, pathetic, and utterly senseless act.  My god.  😔

45 comments on “Another Dose Of WTF?”

  1. Sickening just sickening.

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  2. What is this world coming to? I cannot even grasp the why of things like these murders…

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  3. This world is freakin’ going crazy and there’s not a dam thing we can do about it 😠
    Prayers 🙏❤️💙💗💜💔

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  4. Very tragic! There is no excuse for this!

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  5. Horrific. Simply horrific. The numbers are staggering. I keep picturing what those poor people went through. It’s just horrifying.

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  6. OMG…will it ever end!
    showing my love to Orlando and the LGBTQ community.

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  7. I am of the mindset that if I or someone else is doing something that does not have anything to do with me or mine, let them be! Simple, apparently not. How sad.

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  8. So frigin sad…….

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  9. I’m pro-guns to a point, but I’m like you how in the hell does this guy just walk into a store and get what he wants after being investigated twice!

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  10. When I saw this in the news, I just felt sick to my stomach and just appalled.

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  11. My heart goes out to everyone affected.

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  12. Reminds me of the Boston Marathon shooting. No respect whatsoever for a human life. Media makes it sound like he hated gay people, which is not the case. Young men were used as concubines in the Southeast for centuries. It is nothing new for a man from Afghanistan. SOB just hated your country and freedom, but the Media is hush – hushing this fact. What a world! Fifty lives lost.

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    • Terrible. 50 people gone, for nothing. And it turns out his wife actually knew he was planning it. And she didn’t alert anybody? He has a small child. He’s now left this child without a father, and the stigma of being the son of killer. It’s all just so sad and I can’t understand it all.

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      • Yes, it is so cruel and selfish, none of them though about their own child. Twisted minds. Many people think that something like radicalization can never happen to them, but brainwashing is real, destructive and horrific.

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