By: sonofabeach96

Jun 27 2016

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Got home from work a bit ago, and finally had a second to check my messages.  This one popped up:


For those who aren’t aware, this is the symbol representing 500 posts made.  Holy shit, man!!!  500 posts?  In a little over a years time?!?  Dang!  I’d say I need to get a life or a hobby, but I have more than enough of both to go around.  Not sure where I found the time, although a bunch of those were photo stuff and not requiring a great deal of text.  But still.

As is my usual ADHD self, I hit a new endeavor hard and fast…and promptly burn myself out on it.  There’s a few things that I’ve not used like a rented mule and then moved on to the next “hobby”.  But not many.  However, doing this does not appear to be a dine and dash activity for me, in spite of the other time demands I inflict upon myself, or that are forced upon me.  I always find a bit of time in my day to hang with my peeps.

I suppose this post marks the first step in the journey to my next 500 posts.  Thanks for riding shotgun with me.  But, hands off the radio.  I’m driving, I’m DJ.  😃

42 comments on “Dang!”

  1. Congratulations! You’re on your way to stardom !

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  2. Congratulations! Onward and upward….and thanks for sharing with all of us, too.

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  3. 👊👊 looking forward to the next 500 SOB!!

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  4. That’s awesome! 😀

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  5. Very cool! Drive on dude!

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  6. Holy Shit for sure 🙂 that is a lot of posts in just over a year ! Well done. Continue to have fun always 🙂

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  7. Congrats, 500 is a fantastic achievement.

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  8. I repeat Meg – Go You!!!!! Let’s eat some cake!!

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  9. Congrats, crack open a cold one and get working on the next 500!

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  10. 🎂🍰 congrats to the 500!

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  11. Don’t dang yourself needing a life or a hobby please. Thank you.

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