Summer Lovin’ Day 16

By: sonofabeach96

Jul 20 2016

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The catch-up continues, this time for Day 16 of the 2016 31 Days of Summer Lovin’ from Soulseaker.


The topic for Day 16 was:


Here’s my take on it:






18 comments on “Summer Lovin’ Day 16”

  1. Lovely shots … making me long for warm summer days.

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  2. The white sand dunes remind me of Michigan! Our Ohio sand is so brown but I still love Lake Erie.

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    • Dunes are so cool! The dunes on the OBX are absolutely beautiful this year. Ocracoke is so narrow, and right at sea level, so when hurricanes, tropical storms, or nor’easters blow through, the dunes take a beating, and disappear entirely in big storm surge. The way they look right now indicates they’ve avoided any rough weather for a year or two now. We come out here every year, sometimes multiple times, and I always feel blessed to see these dunes at 20-30ft tall in some spots.


  3. These are awesome and surreal.

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