Summer Lovin’-Day 22

By: sonofabeach96

Jul 22 2016

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Focal Length:4.28mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 4S

Today is Day 22 of the 2016 31 Days of Summer Lovin’ Challenge from Soulseaker.


The topic for today is:


Here’s my take on it:

Word to the wise: deflate your tires to 20psi before attempting to drive in this sand:


Nesting in the sand:


Our wedding in the sand:


The OBX is notorious for its shifting sand:


Reflective sand:


16 comments on “Summer Lovin’-Day 22”

  1. Oh hear ya on the deflating!! 😁😁

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    • Can’t tell ya how many times I’ve had to pull people out. Helped one dude out there in a friggin’ minivan!!! Ya’ know, the ramps, especially ramp 72 on Ocracoke, are long and get somewhat compacted so people think the beach is that way too. They soon realize how powdery and soft, and deep, it is at the beach end of the ramp, and they’re toast. Even in the best sand vehicles, the deflation is a must. They live and learn I suppose.

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  2. Chances are, I won’t be out of la-la land until September. Good on you for keeping up with these Summer challenges!

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  3. Driving in the beach is prohibited in many countries, and we all know why.
    Hope the little turtles made their way to the ocean 🙂

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    • Ocracoke and the entirety of the Outer Banks is all protected seashore and under the careful eye of the National Park Service, so the sea turtle nesting sites are carefully monitored and cordoned off from vehicles when nesting. It’s all good and everyone who’s out there knows to abide by those notifications. Bird nesting sites are protected as well and the dunes are off limits to even foot traffic. It’s a great cooperative existence between human and nature. Not sure how other parts of the world deal with it, but it works well out here. And on Ocracoke, there is literally nothing built on the beach. No houses, condo towers, resorts. Nothing. It’s left all-natural. The only thing allowed to alter the Eco-system here is weather, and there’s nothing anyone can do to prevent that. So there are zero lights to confuse the turtles. Believe me, I’m an advocate for the environment to the Nth degree, and this place is as conscious of those needs as anyplace in the world.

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