Dodged A Bullet

By: sonofabeach96

Sep 02 2016

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As many of y’all may know, or not, my in-laws live in Apalachicola, FL, and it’s a place that has become quite special to us over the years.  Hurricane Hermine made landfall last night, the eye passing just to the east, between Carabelle, FL. and Alligator Point, FL.  It was “only” a Cat 1, but packed a decent punch with winds over 80 mph and torrential rainfall combined with a significant storm surge.

The fact that it passed to the east is significant, in terms of causing little damage in Apalach at least.  The eastern edge of the eye wall is the worst place to be, both as a hurricane makes landfall initially and again as the back side of the eye makes landfall, in relation to both wind damage and storm surge.

Nonetheless, and it’s not like many of y’all really care, I’m sure, but all’s well, minus a few trees down and some minor flooding.  Thankfully, Apalach, and Bobbi, Papa, and the historic homes of this quaint old town dodged a bullet.  Hermine is now gonna cut across north-central FL and into Georgia, South Carolina, and back out into the Atlantic over, yep, you guessed it, my beloved Outer Banks.


Those in that path, and along the east coast from Carolina to New Jersey, will get plenty of rain and some solid surf.  If any of y’all are planning to hang-10 this holiday weekend, enjoy.  Should be some killer waves.  But, be careful out there.  It’s not a mega-storm, but still, it’s packing a bit of a bite.


My songs of the day are:

“Hurricane Drunk” by Florence & The Machine

“Black Rain” by Soundgarden

“Fool In The Rain” by Led Zeppelin

“Aint No Sunshine” by Bill Withers

“I Talk To The Wind” by King Crimson

“Rain Or Shine” by Vonda Shepherd

“Riders On The Storm” by The Doors

“Surfing In A Hurricane” by Jimmy Buffett


34 comments on “Dodged A Bullet”

  1. I hope she runs out of steam! We could use some rain up here but I have to take Harry to the Newark airport Sunday afternoon, right around the time she’s supposed to be off coast. I don’t relish driving in it or him flying in it, either…

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  2. Glad the in-laws are doing fine. I have a whole new respect for hurricanes now that I am living in Florida. I starting writing a post about my feelings on hurricanes now that they could be on my doorstep – will publish that post in a couple of days. Great post my friend, have a Happy Friday. 🙂

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    • They are a constant threat. This one wasn’t bad. Still did it’s fair share of damage. Considering your guys’ living arrangement, it’ll be easy for y’all to evacuate at least. 😃

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  3. Living in the Rocky Mountains, I have never worried about hurricanes, but they have always amazed me when I watch news reports. Glad the family is okay…!

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    • I’ve only ridden one out, Hurricane Frederick. Hit Mobile, AL back in the 70’s. It was intense. They seem to to last forever due to sheer size. Get a break once the eye passes but then round 2 comes. I’ll tell ya, after seeing what Katrina did, no way in hell is not evacuate. 😃

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      • I’m always baffled how many people stick around…especially after Katrina.

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      • It’s the boy who cried wolf syndrome. They evacuate here, evacuate there, but end up doing so for no reason. Eventually they stop leaving. Katrina though? Many in New Orleans couldn’t afford to leave. The Superdome was supposed to be safe. Then the flooding came and it was worst case scenario. Just a matter of time before it happens again there. Hopefully people learned a lesson.

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  4. Mother Nature can be so devastating. Stay safe!

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  5. So glad your family is doing ok! Sounds scary

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  6. I hope it calms down. On another note Riders on the Storm is great.

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  7. I am glad that all is well. As much as I love storms, the destruction they can leave behind is devastating to families and communities.

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  8. Raleigh is notorious for overreacting to impending weather conditions, so they released school early (yesterday) and cancelled all after school activities. We got some rain and a cold front. This summer girl is soooo cold right now! It’s 68 degrees and I’m sitting on my back porch with my hoodie strapped tight to my head.

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  9. Yea I did hear about the weather there!! I’m glad the in laws are safe 🙂

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