Never Forget…Ever!

By: sonofabeach96

Sep 11 2016

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Today should always be a reminder, for this, and all future, generations.  A reminder of the capabilities of humans to act inhumanely.  And cruel.  And to show complete disregard for life.  And to encapsulate evil within the confines of flesh and bone.

We all know what happened.


I can’t imagine losing a family member to this nonsensical and futile effort to send us cowering into disarray.  It was hard enough losing a childhood friend…and his partner…and their adopted infant.


My friend, Ron Gamboa, his partner  Daniel Brandhorst, and their adopted son David, were aboard United flight 175, pictured above just prior to crashing into Tower Two.  All 65 aboard, including the five hijackers, were killed.  For what?  Why?  WTF?!?

None of it makes sense, even 15 years later.  What was accomplished by this?  What benefit was created…for anyone?    I don’t, nor will I ever, have even a fraction of understanding about this or any other terrorist attack, in the past or future.

I do know that this tragedy and attempt to make us fearful and cower from these senseless acts, worldwide, was, and continue to be, futile.  We continue living, healing, restoring, and rebuilding.


We mourn the loss, of friends and family and countrymen, but we will continue living, in spite of the threat.

Please take a moment today to remember.  And to pray to your god, whomever you believe that to be, for peace, understanding, and compassion.  The world could use a lot more of each.

15 comments on “Never Forget…Ever!”

  1. So very well said. A horrible but necessary remembrance.

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  2. Never forget……and I agree WTF!!!!!

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  3. So well said….I’m so sorry you lost your friends to this senseless horrible tragedy. Still sickens me. Hugs!

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  4. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend, so sad and tragic.

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  5. I’m very sorry about your loss 😦 We’ll never forget 9/11.

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