How ‘Bout Dem Cubs!

By: sonofabeach96

Sep 16 2016

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Not sure how many of you are sports fans.  I’m guessing not a lot.  I’m not really a sports nut either, but there are two things sports related that I am fanatical about: the Cubs and my beloved University of Louisville Cardinals.


Well, as a fan of both, today is a good day.

The Cubs clinched the NL Central Division last night, even though they lost to the Brewers.  The evil St. Louis Cardinals did us a solid though, and with their loss, the Cubs clinched.  Hopefully, the curse of the goat, or the ghost of Steve Bartman


doesn’t rear its ugly head this year.  World Series or bust!

And, more importantly, to me at least, is that the Florida State Seminoles are coming to town for a noon showdown with my Cards tomorrow.

Louisville v Miami

It has multiple angles that amp up the intensity.  It’s a matchup of Top-10 teams, ESPN Gameday rolled into town yesterday, it’s nationally televised, and to top it off, it’s an inter-division conference game, so the winner has a leg up in reaching the ACC Championship game, and hopefully a spot in the four-team playoff.  And on top of all that, our QB is now in the Heisman conversation.  If y’all don’t know the name Lamar Jackson, check out some highlights, such as the one below, from last week’s game at Syracuse.


He’s been going off, and I certainly hope that continues tomorrow.

So, all you non-sports people out here in WP land will have to forgive me.  I realize sports is petty and insignificant in the grand scheme of things.  But I am a fan, and have been seemingly since birth.  And this is a big weekend, and I’m stoked for the game tomorrow.  Should be a fantastic environment!

So, allow me some leeway when I say:

Go Cubs








33 comments on “How ‘Bout Dem Cubs!”

  1. Happy for the Cubs, Chicago is often in the news for all the wrong reasons. Good luck ! ☺

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  2. Yay, yay, go, Cubs, go!! Love my Cubs! ❤

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  3. Congrats on the Cubbies winning the division…and I’m looking forward to that Louisville-FSU game. My O’s still have a bit of work in front of them if they are going to play any postseason baseball. They’re still in the hunt though, which no one really expected when the season started.

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  4. Yea! I don’t have a favorite team, but if you are happy, that’s awesome!!! I will be happy for you.

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  5. Both teams are amazing. I was born in Illinois, so I am rooting for the Cubs. My dad votes Cardinals, though.

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  6. Out of all the sports, football is the one game I actually enjoy watching, live. We will be heading to a game on Sunday too, tickets courtesy of a cousin. Nice weather here, it will probably be the first game I have attended that doesn’t require toques and mitts and blankets to stay warm. Enjoy your weekend!

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  7. Oh I’m happy for you! I’m a fan, too. So if you don’t mind me jumping on the Cubs bandwagon, I’m in! Doesn’t look like any of my Philly teams are going to be any good for a while. Unless the Eagles surprise us. Or you know, VILLANOVA! 😃

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  8. LOL I saw your cardinal and thought he is an Arizona Cardinals fan…football…LOL congrats to your teams for their wins….kat

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