Oddball Photo Challenge: 2016 Week 41

By: sonofabeach96

Oct 20 2016

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Time for this week’s Oddball Photo Challenge from Cee’s Photography.

Here’s my take on it:

A little Colonel:


Having 3 boys is often like herding cats:


Nope, herding cats is easier:


Our actual herd:


…that doesn’t look too pleased with the rain we finally got today:



My songs of the day?  Not feelin’ it today.  Actually, I take that back.  I’m feelin’ it, but not in a real “rainbows and butterflies” kinda way.  I’ll spare y’all the downer of a playlist today.

37 comments on “Oddball Photo Challenge: 2016 Week 41”

  1. Must be the rain? It’s been and grey and gloomy for 3 weeks here and my mood is beginning to match the weather. 🙁 Here’s wishing for sunnier days and dry pastures 🍻

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    • Well, we actually needed the rain. It’s been super dry and unseasonably warm. But the gloomy day didn’t help. Work is my biggest thorn currently. I dread going in the front door everyday. Oh well, need a paycheck. 😊

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      • Patients or management? At least it’s Friday 2mrw, and a new day. Sending you some positive vibes to help make it through.

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      • Little bit of both actually. Unmotivated patients, management motivated by bottom lines and efficiency numbers, new administrator that is nothing more than a bean counter. It’s all so corporate and sterile. I’m so the opposite. All I care about is helping my peeps get better, but there’s constant obstacles thrown in the way. Frustrating.


      • Number crunching in your line of work doesn’t really work. (I dont know if it ever does) There are too many factors that those little bean counters can’t factor in. Flip them the finger on your way out today. Makes me feel better anyway. And enjoy the weekend with your family. xo

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      • That’s very accurate. Like most things in life, the gray area is much larger than the black or white areas. These fools in suits don’t have a fucking clue how things are on the floor. Nothing new really. Different circus, same clowns. I guess if it were fun, they wouldn’t call it work. 😃

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      • So true! Hope you have a good weekend, and are able to relieve some of that frustration!

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  2. Read the comments and I’m sorry about work. I know the feeling all too well. Maybe soon, y’all can make a full-time business out of your craft. You’re plenty talented…that’s for sure.

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    • Work blows, doesn’t it? Actually, I love the kind of work I do, but I despise the suit wearing MBA clones that make decisions from on high with not a fucking clue what we do on the “front lines”. They suck ass and make me loathe even clocking in. As for a career out of our art or craft? That’s the unicorn. It’d be fantastic, but not likely. I’ll continue to have to grin and bear the idiocy. 😠

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  3. Nice looking herd. Sorry you’re not feeling it. It’s a bit the same at my end, grey skies, head cold and no motivation. Still, at least the weekend’s around the corner.

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  4. I may have nightmares about the little Colonel. Sorry you’re not feeling great — but you should share the playlist anyway! I think lots of the music I love could be considered downer-music, but it doesn’t bring me down… kind of the opposite!

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  5. Sorry to hear you have been on a downer, things will pick up I’m sure. Meanwhile, these are yet more amazing shots from you.

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  6. You have some fun odd balls for this week. Thanks for playing 😀 Love the cat bowl.

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  7. Catching up today, my friend. Sorry about work, I know how it goes from when I used to have to fight insurance companies for every penny. When pencil pushers decide how much care a patient needs… Soooooo frustrating. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend. We’re getting some rain here, so it’s been a nice day hunkering down and getting cozy! (See? I’m already back to my old self!) 😜

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