Just sayin’

By: sonofabeach96

Oct 24 2016

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My wife found this on Facebook yesterday.  It’s obviously a quote from a fictional TV show, but appropriate for this circus of an election season we are all forced to endure.

I’m sure I may get some flack from Trumpster Fire supporters, or from those that are anti-Clinton.  Don’t care.    Damn straight I’m a Liberal.  I make no apologies for it either.


My songs of the day are:

“City of Immigrants” by Steve Earle

“Five to One” by The Doors

“Icky Thump” by The White Stripes

“National Ransom” by Elvis Costello

“Crying Shame” by Jack Johnson

“Alternative Power to the People” by The Dandy Warhols

“Election Time” by Wyclef Jean

“Talkin’ John Birch Paranoid Blues” by Bob Dylan

21 comments on “Just sayin’”

  1. I am from Canada and we obviously all know here that everything that happens in the US will obviously affect us very much and from here, I feel like these elections should be totally void. People should refuse to participate in such a mascarade. I’m not saying we are better or worst. I’m just stating what everyone here thinks. It wasn’t like that at the beginning but the feeling grows everyday. This is th eonly possible way either of these 2 could get elected because there is no other choice. There is always a choice. REFUSE to vote. Manifest to totally void those elewctions. YOU are the people. You are the country, without you, US is just a land. I pray to God that this election will be nullified, I feel it’s the only logical outcome but I know it won’t happen because the medias are making millions of doolars out of this circus. I am truly ashamed that the most powerful country in the world is reduced to that kind of politics. In no other scenario would either of these 2 candidates would, could be elected…. Bernie Sanders was said to be a utopist because he wanted to change the whole monetary system. GOD!! That’s the most imprtant thing!! You are all victim of a Ponzy scheme!! Democarcy is no longer in the equation. Money and only big corporations are running the show now. And it is truly a show. I’m sorry if I am so bold but it seems to be ”en vogue” now.

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    • Nope, you’re not wrong. It is a sham, and driven by dollars. Most rational US citizens are fully aware this a a disgraceful scenario. But this is the card we are currently dealt. I wish we could fold, but at this point, the best I can hope for is to prevent the Trumpster Fire out of this office. The alternative sucks, but he suck a whole hell of a lot more. I voted for Bernie in the primaries, by the way. And I’d have voted for him in the Presidential election if he were the Democratic candidate. Not voting doesn’t solve anything. Hell, there’s typically only 25-30% of the registered voters who actually vote as it is. We need everyone TO vote. That’s the problem.

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  2. It’s a sign of the times that there are no signs…I live in a community that used to proudly boast of a preference for months before any election. No one wants to identify with either of these candidates this year…lawns are bare, or showing support for local elections only. We are so much better than this. Just saying.

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    • Oh, believe me, I’m no fan of Hillary either. But Trump? No rational human being could possibly believe he’s the most qualified of these two clowns. He’s the epitome of everything wrong with humanity.

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  3. I’ve been trying to find this quote from the last “This American Life” podcast, but it keeps crashing on my iPad. Here’s the link if you wanna listen. I think it’s stated within the first ten minutes, and the gist is how facts are SO readily available, but our society doesn’t want to take the time to simply look them up. http://m.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/599/seriously If the link doesn’t work, it’s episode #599.

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    • Thanks for the link. I’m just ready for it all to be over. I’m sick of getting into debates with people and being slurred and mocked for having a shred of compassion towards my fellow man. That’s not a fucking character flaw!!! 😖

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      • I know, buddy. I went to the state fair yesterday, and there were Trump stickers everywhere. I was cursing under my breath the whole time. Not because I can’t tolerate people with opposing views, but because the candidate is human garbage and they STILL support him. It’s just a sad mess.

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      • Bingo! Yahtzee!! Differing opinion is not the issue. Hatred, bigotry, short sidedness, exclusionary, and segregational vitriol are the issues. I have to bite my tongue about ten times a day. People I used to think I knew and respected are now mere members of this twisted flock. It’s been eye opening.

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      • I know, and I think people like you and me are in the minority as Southern/rural liberals. You farm, so in all reality, the clean air and water acts should be of the utmost importance to you. Yet, conservatives are still saying that global warming is a myth! I could go on and on to no avail, but we walked over heaps of garbage at the fair (although there were trash/recycling bins everywhere). It is 100% crazy to me that people can’t/refuse to make the connection…people who literally live off the land.

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      • Common sense and a sense of reality are not overly abundant these days. 😏

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  4. Appropriate indeed; unfortunately it will not make any difference either to the corrupt politicians or the sheeple – the circus will go on! 😦

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  5. I’ve been rewatching a lot of West Wing recently. (2 quotes on blog and counting). I wish I could bring Jed to life.

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  6. First time I have such a intelligent healthy conversation about the USA presidentials this year!! God bless you all people!! There GOT to be more of you hiding somwhere who also think this circus is a total nonsense!! I had this guy I liked a lot on FB and since the élections began he’s posting non stop about Trump. I don’t mind he’s for Trump! It’s just he gone totally batshit crazy !! He’s posting 100 posts a day that makes no sense whatsoever!! It was my closest buddy on FB and now I had to unfollow him cuz I was tired of his (Trump) posts. Like I said I’m canadian bacon but is it true that some of you feels its FEELS a little like when the nazis took over Germany, the jewish being replaced by Muslims and Mexicans and.. well.. almost everyone that isn’t a white male!!

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