Let The Rest of The World Go By

By: sonofabeach96

Nov 13 2016

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2016 just won’t let up. ย Its grip on music continued this morning, and we’ve had yet another great snatched away.

Rest in peace, Mr. Russell.


“A Song For You” by Leon Russell

19 comments on “Let The Rest of The World Go By”

  1. This is sad news indeed…

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  2. I’m saddened by the passing Leon Russell. He left a legacy of fine music!

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  3. Did you see the special he did on the album he and Elton John did? It was really cool. Leon still had it going on. I didn’t know he had a birth injury that didn’t allow him the full use of one hand. He taught himself to play the piano anyway. What a rocker. God rest him.

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    • He was super cool. Have seen him many times over the years. He was a terrific live performer. Saw him about a year ago actually. Sounded just as great as he always did.


  4. This is a brutal year for sure. You know that music venue about a mile down the road from me? Leon has made it a regular stop the last couple of years. He always sells out and we’ve never been to see him. Missed my chance. Rest in peace.

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    • Yeah, it’s been rough. We lose people every year, I know. But this year has been iconic ones. Too bad y’all didn’t get to see him. He was fantabulous in-person. Riveting and commanded the room. RIP. ๐Ÿ˜”

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  5. What is it with 2016?

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  6. Met him in Petaluma years ago…great concert…he will be missed…kat

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