Color Your World: Burnt Sienna

By: sonofabeach96

Jan 11 2017

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Today’s Color Your World Challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells Photography is for the color:




Here’s my take on it:





12 comments on “Color Your World: Burnt Sienna”

  1. I like that little wooly worm. 😉

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    • I like that he’s predominantly brown! Hopefully he’s correct in predicting mild weather. Doesn’t look like it this far though. 😏😏

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      • Really? It’s been very mild here so far this winter (tho I haven’t seen any of those worms). We did have 2 days where it got below freezing, now it’s back to where I was putting the AC on again this morning. Cooled off a bit tonight tho, just about perfect now. Hope it stays this way. 🙂

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      • You’re lucky. We just had a week and a half of temps in the teens and single digits, plus snow. Warmer this week, but raining every day. Short reprieve before more cold and a potential ice storm next week. Winter sucks.

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      • I’ve got the AC on again. Rain tho. So far mostly at night.

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  2. I love these warm colors, but especially the caterpillar 😉

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  3. The mildness returns… close to 60 fro us tomorrow. I think your wooly bear might just have it right.

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  4. Love the lighthouse! Great photo

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