Share Your World: January 23, 2017

By: sonofabeach96

Jan 29 2017

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Time for this week’s Share Your World from Cee’s Photography.

Here are Cee’s questions for the week:

Do you prefer juice or fruit?

I prefer fresh fruit to juice, though I enjoy juices as well.  But, there’s nothin’ better than a fresh peach


or pineapple


Did you grow up in a small or big town? Did you like it?

The town I grew up in was a mid-sized city, Louisville.  Roughly 750,000 people when I was a kid, and well over a million now, including surrounding counties, where suburbs have sprung up.   Good size, not gigantic but had everything you’d need or want.

I also began spending large chunks of my childhood in Charleston, SC and, eventually, Spartanburg, SC, after my parents divorced and dad was transferred.  Both were smaller than my hometown, but I loved my time there.

If you were to paint a picture of your childhood, what colors would you use?

Blues and greens, mixed with grays and black.

I had a really good childhood in many ways.  I was shown openness and acceptance, free-spiritedness, exposed to music and travel, and grandparents who provided some of my only stability and rationality.

But it was bad in some ways, too.  Being used as a pawn in a somewhat nasty divorce, different school nearly every year as my mom opportunistically shipped us to any “port in a storm”, and eventually settling us with an asshat, abusive, dickhead for the last 5-6 years of my time at “home”.  There in lies the use of grays and black.

Ways to Relax List: Make a list of what relaxes you and helps you feel calm.

Sit my ass on a beach.  Sit my ass in a kayak.  Sit my ass in any vehicle about to set off on an adventure.  Sit my ass in a comfortable porch swing while wearing a set of headphones…and drinking a beer.  Sit my ass in a hammock with a front-row seat to a stunning sunset….and drinking a beer.  Sit my ass next to or on a pond, lake, river, marsh, bayou, bay, or ocean…and a line in the water.

That sounded like an awful lot of sitting, didn’t it.  Relaxing certainly doesn’t HAVE to involve sitting, of course.  But, it doesn’t hurt.

Optional Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

From last week, I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to host a student OT for the week.  As OT’s, we had to complete so many field works, in so many types of settings.  They range from one day per week for six weeks, to an entire week several different times,  and culminating in two 12-week internships at the end of our studies.  Every day, Monday through Friday, for free.  😃

But it’s nice to be able to introduce and help educate the next generation of people who’ll continue on my chosen profession.

In the coming week, ….well, I’m not sure what to look forward to, frankly.  All’s well with family and friends, so I’m certainly grateful for that, and hope it continues. But, with the direction this “administration” is attempting to steer my country, I can’t think of much else. It’s disheartening.  I’m embarrassed by what’s happening, as an American.  I’m worried for friends and co-workers and colleagues and the parents of friends.  I’m worried for our society as a whole, and for the basic tenets of what it means to be an Amrrican, and what America means to the world.

Thankfully, the people who write our Constitution had the forethought to develop a governmental system containing checks and balances, and division of power.  The Federal Courts will be wrought with stays and threats of potential litigation for every move against Contitutional and Civil rights this would-be tyrant attempts to ramrod through with the help of his cronies in Congress.  At least, I hope this is what happens.

If anyone disagrees with my view of politics, that’s fine.  You are free, free to have and voice your opinion.  That’s part of being an American.  I hope you continue to be free, to speak your mind, and in so many other ways in which we are free to express ourselves.    No matter which side of the aisle you stand with.


My songs of the day are:

“Surrender Under Protest” by Drive-By Truckers

“A Change Is Gonna Come” by Dam Cooke

“Alternative Power to the People” by The Dandy Warhols

“The Power of Equality” by Red Hot Chili Peppers

“Call It What It Is” by Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals

“The Royal Scam” by Steely Dan

“Hold On” by Gary Clarke, Jr.

“We Get Along” by Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings






22 comments on “Share Your World: January 23, 2017”

  1. Nothing wrong with sitting on your ass, I do it all the time.

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  2. Peaches are amazing. Great post

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  3. Sitting on your ass sounds pretty much perfect, right now…. preferably in a friendly foreign country. This is a true test of those checks and balances. Makes you appreciate the genius of the founders, though. 😕

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  4. Thanks so very much for participating this week. 😀

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