Share Your World, February 27, 2017

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Mar 05 2017

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Time for this week’s Share Your World from Cee’s Photography.

Here are Cee’s questions for the week:


Ever ran out of gas in your vehicle?

Nope…but I’ve been close.

Which are better: black or green olives?

Depends.  If I’m having a martini, munching on olives off a relish tray at a party, or just tooth picking a few outta the jar for a salty snack, I prefer green olives.

If they’re on a salad or a pizza or on a sub sandwich, I prefer black olives.

If you were a great explorer, what would you explore?

Either the dark and unknown mysteries of the sea, outer space, or the human mind.

Quotes List: At least three of your favorite quotes?




Optional Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

From last week, I’m grateful we made it relatively unscathed through a couple of kick-ass storms.  Most everything in our yard was blown around and we lost a large chunk of one of the big maples in our front yard, but nothing hit the house or caused any real damage.

In the coming week?  Hey, it’s March, and I’m ready for the Madness to begin!  I’m sure many of you who read this may not be sports fans, or more specifically, college basketball fans.  But, in this part of the world, college basketball is king.

From fans of the University of Kensucky Mildcats to the Hoosiers just up the road (who appear to be on the outside of the bubble) to my beloved University of Louisville Cardinals, we make up a triad of fans know and love our basketball and have all been rewarded with multiple titles and Final Four’s.  And, as the most rabid of fans, March is like a holiday here.  For me, the first gift comes Thursday, as we, U of L, begin post-season play in the ACC Tournament, likely against Duke.

Let the madness begin!


My songs of the day are:

“Electrical Storm” by U2

“Basketball” by Kurtis Blow

“Riders On The Storm” by The Doors

“It’s Martini Time” by The Reverend Horton Heat

“One Love” by Bob Marley

“Shelter From The Storm” by Bob Dylan

“Basketball Jones” by Cheech & Chong

“Various Storms & Saints” by Florence + The Machine

One comment on “Share Your World, February 27, 2017”

  1. wise words shared. thank you. 😊👋

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