A Song A Day: Day 3

By: sonofabeach96

Mar 29 2017

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Today is Day 3, of 5, in the A Song A Day Challenge that was posed to me by  A Momma’s View.  As always, I recommend checking her site out if you haven’t done so yet.

Now, as part of participating in this challenge, I’m supposed to nominate two peeps to play along each day.  Today, my nominees are:




I’ve decided to make my song choice each day one that is a reminder of something significant in my life.  Today, I’m picking:


I realize this is an odd thing to consider significant in most people’s lives.  But, I’ve been blessed by terrific in-laws.  I love them all.  From my father-in-law and my wife’s stepmom, to siblings and step-siblings, and all of our nieces and nephews.  Many great times, adventures, and memories have been made with all.

However, there’s one in particular that was of great significance to me.   I saw her as my kindred spirit.  She was my mentor, my inspiration, my friend.  My wife even used to say that her mom loved me more than her own child…only half-jokingly.

I don’t know how accurate that was, but we were certainly buds. I miss her always, think of her nearly daily, and talk to her….frequently.  She’s been gone 8 years now, which is hard to fathom.

Life went, and continues to go, on since that fateful day in January of 2010.  But it’ll never be the same.

She was known as Momma, Granny, and, to me, CJ.  I’ve written about her several times, if interested:




I’m not one prone to religion or things religious in nature, but my song today is one that will forever remind me of her, and her amazing spirit.  It was one of her favorites, and the only choice to play at her wake:


Mine is the sunlight

Mine is the morning

Born of the one light Eden saw play

Praise with elation, praise ev’y morning

God’s recreation of the day


“Morning Has Broken” by Cat Stevens

22 comments on “A Song A Day: Day 3”

  1. It’s painful to lose someone so close but our memories are powerful… this is a lovely post.

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    • It is, indeed. I had lost my grandpa, who was my surrogate dad growing up, like 2 weeks prior as well. It was hell, and the post 2 year period nearly broke us. I didn’t know if my wife would ever recover. Time is a funny thing. Still hits each of us every now and then still though.

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  2. Lovely post and so sweet!

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  3. I’m so much closer to my mother-in-law than to my mother. I love her to bits and I hope she will be around for a long time. I understand how much you miss yours.

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  4. Oh Beach this is wonderful! Adore this song and what it means to you. I am glad you had this awesome lady in your life!

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    • Me too, Doc. Me too. I was lucky to know her. My biggest…regret, I guess, is that the boys didn’t get to know her much. They were 7and 5(x2) at the time. They remember her, but not well. 😕


  5. even rereading this brought tears to my eyes….found nay bobby pins lately? xxkat

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