A Song A Day: Day 4

By: sonofabeach96

Mar 30 2017

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Today is Day 4 of my turn at the A Song A Day Challenge.  I was tagged by A Momma’s View a few days ago, and it’s been fun, and certainly a challenge.  Check her site out…like, soon!

So, in keeping with the pattern, I’ll pick two others to tag for this challenge, with no obligation to take part, of course:





Again, in keeping with the pattern, I’ll pick something significant to tie to my song today.  This time it’s:


I’ve waxed poetic about my boys here, pretty much since I started doing this, so I’ll spare an overly long and/or sappy diatribe about them.  But, they are the loves of my life, with the exception of my wife, of course.  With kids though, it’s a different kind of love.

They are my everything and more, and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to protect them.  NOTHING!  They make me smile, make me laugh, make me cringe at times.  They keep me young, teach me patience, and renew my vision of the world.  I’ve loved being their dad, and I’ve loved watching them grow and learn and be amazed.   And, in turn, they’ve done the same for me.

I love my boys more than life itself.  They are the greatest gift, of the many, that my wife has bestowed upon me/us.  I’m ever so grateful for the opportunity to not just be a father, but to be their dad.

My song for today is one that reminds me of them:


Out on the ocean sailing away,

I can hardly wait,

To see you to come of age

Life is just what happens to you,

While you’re busy making other plans


“Beautiful Boy” by John Lennon

19 comments on “A Song A Day: Day 4”

  1. Great post. Your love for your sons really shines.

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  2. Aw… you’re such a great dad. 🙂

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  3. Yeah, what Sandra said! 😊 Makes me all #CrazyAuntMeg 😥

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  4. How very beautiful!

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  5. My son is 30 and I still catch myself wanting to protect him from life itself…don’t figure I will ever stop being the mommie bear at heart….I don’t feel like I have to protect my daughter….maybe its because she is in a very strong marriage full of love….my son is alone….who frigin knows…LOL but the feeling will always be there….really hard to let go….great pictures and music as always my friend….xxkat

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