Fun Foto Challenge: Autumn-Metal

By: sonofabeach96

Apr 20 2017

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This week’s Fun Foto Challenge from Cee’s Photography is for the topic:


Here’s what Cee has to say about it:

You can take photos of anything that relates to the season of Autumn or metal. For metal I would like to see its strength and beauty. Have fun with this challenge. Use your imagination for this theme. The thing is to have a lot of fun with this challenge.


Here’s my take on it:

Turning maple:

Abandoned but beautiful:

Fall will always remind me of Chicago…and her:

One man’s trash, another man’s treasure:

The smell of a fire burning on a chilly morning?  That’s Fall:


My songs of the day are themed, but not for these photos.   To those of you on Facebook, do y’all find WP to be a kinder, gentler place?  With more rational and sane people?  I sure do.

I’m not on Facebook, but my wife is.  She responded to a post made by a friend of hers, and both ended up getting attacked by the Trumpster Fire Mafia (i.e. Internet cowards).  Who the fuck do you people think you are?  Sure, you have a right to your stance.  But so do we.

Anyway, to anyone who suddenly feels free to speak to people in such crude, rude, mean spirited, unintelligent, and uninformed ways in response to someone’s differing opinion, please, do the rest of us a favor and crawl back under your rocks.


“Boys Like You” by Whitehorse

“Oblivious” by The Strokes

“Newton’s Cradle” by Sean Rowe

“When The Tequila Runs Out” by Dawes

“Demon In Profile” by The Afghan Wigs

“Save Me” by Aretha Franklin

“Don’t Wanna Fight” by Alabama Shakes

“Same” by Matthew Logan Vasquez


23 comments on “Fun Foto Challenge: Autumn-Metal”

  1. Beautiful photos. Sorry to hear about the abuse your wife received. It is despicable to attack someone for their beliefs. Those people are cowardly and need to find something else to do.

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  2. Another excellent entry from you. 😀

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  3. I hate facebook so much. I could have used it for my F post. I should have. Maybe I’ll write an extra. LOL. I just hate it so much. I have an account for purposes that have nothing to do with facebook… like using the account to sign into other stuff. And save my Candy Crush progress… LOL Hey, I’m on level 1466. I really don’t want to start over. 😀

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    • Hahaha! Priorities, right😃
      I tried it years ago…for about a month. I think I still have an account, but I haven’t tried to log onto in so long I’ve forgotten the password. Fine with me. Especially in the current climate. Doing this sorta thing is a distraction. I don’t need dickheads pissing me off with their nonsensical political rants.

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      • Exactly. I couldn’t deal with that…!

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      • I was white-hot pissed at these fucks last night. She handled better than I would have. Since this election, it’s like roaches when the lights go off: outta the woodwork. I’m a pacifist now, but I’d love for one of ’em to come at me like that. Of course, I’d likely end up in jail. But, it’d be so worth it to drop one of them straight to the ground.

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      • I would go totally apeshit on someone… I can only read political stuff if it’s from someone who has the same opinions as me…! Like Seth Meyers… LOL 😀

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      • That’s the thing: I don’t mind having a discussion. I don’t begrudge anyone their stance. I may disagree, and try to make my points. But responding, when unsolicited, and with a statement that wasn’t even that polarizing to begin with, in a foul mouthed, insulting manner is just wrong, and anger inducing. This one dude, the response he wrote was without punctuation and nearly incoherent. It was a complete butchering of the English language. Then he just dissolved into calling my wife and her friend “fucking idiots”. That kind of “political debate” I can do without. I certainly hope those types are simply the vocal minority. But, I can’t say I’ve encountered many of the, hopefully, same and rational majority.

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  4. I really love the black & white of your wife in Chicago. I was on FB a few years ago but like you, it’s too much negativity, douches, etc. on there. I do find that WP is a more open minded peaceful area to be “ourselves” and to just feel free. I love it here! Love following your blog and consider you a friend. You have quite the eye with photography Tony. Happy Sunday!

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  5. I absolutely think WP is gentler….And I’m not the least bit hesitant to delete from ANY of my pages things I don’t wanna see…(Haven’t had to do that here, but FB? Yeah, all the time….)

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