Black Days

By: sonofabeach96

May 18 2017

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Sad news this morning.  We lost Chris Cornell last night.  He passed away unexpectedly, at the way too young age of 52, in Detroit.  He had just performed that evening with his former Soundgarden band mates.  The cause of death has yet to be determined.


R.I.P. Chris Cornell

35 comments on “Black Days”

  1. Just awful!! Love his voice.

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  2. Extremely sad news.

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  3. Have never heard of him until today. Wasn’t a genre I listened to. Way too young and unexpected.

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  4. Very sad, I loved both Soundgarden and Audioslave. And so suddenly… waiting for news. 😦

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  5. I heard this morning…tragic, so many young musical genius’s passing! new address.


  6. This was sad news to wake-up to. He was so amazing 😢

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    • Hey! How the heck are you?!? Yes, I loved his voice, and I thought Soundgarden was the best band of the 90’s. I’m hearing now they think he may have committed suicide. That’d be surprising if true.

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      • I am doing well! 😊 I hope all is well with you? Things are slowing down now but I found myself a little too stretched for a while and it didn’t allow me to interact with online friend as much as I’d like. But, I’m exhaling now!

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      • Hahaha! Yeah, I totally get it. Glad things are calming down. And that you’re droppin’ in. Don’t be a stranger. 😃😃

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      • Oh, and how much more tragic is it that Chris apparently was feeling suicidal from depression meds?! So stinking sad.

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      • Unbelievable. Just tragic, really. And those poor kids. 😔

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      • I know 😢

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      • I see those commercials for these drugs, and they rattle off a laundry list of side-effects. I think the cure is worse than the disease sometimes. Though it’s not even really a “cure” to begin with. 😕

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      • Yeah, sometimes the cure does seem worse than than the disease. Certainly in this case it was. Now that commercials have to list side-effects it’s almost comical how frightening they actually are. Wonder how the announcer gets through them with a monotone voice?!

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      • It’s definitely frightening. I see a lot of my patients take 10, 12, 15 pills at a time. That has to be interacting negatively together. It’s the answer for everything. Give ’em a pill. And then they wonder why there stomach’s in knots or they’re lethargic or they get orthostatic hypotension. It’s terrible.

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  7. I was so shocked when I heard this. John said he read something about investigation into possible suicide… but I have no idea if there’s any validity to that… Those creative-types, though… I feel their pain.

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  8. Reblogged this on Xara Nahara and commented:
    Truly sad. I need to share this. I grew up with Sound Garden.

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