December Photo Challenge: Day 25

By: sonofabeach96

Dec 25 2017

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Today is Day 25 of The December Photo Challenge, brought to me by Through The Eyes Of Gracie.  The topic for today is:



Here’s my take on it:

50 comments on “December Photo Challenge: Day 25”

  1. Beautiful tree. Gee, I’d never guess you have boys! 😉

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  2. How Fun! Basketball and Star Wars!

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  3. Look at all that Star Wars great! Looks like lots of fun…

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  4. And that should say gear not great. But it is also great.

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  5. Wow!! I bet you had some very happy boys in the house!

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  6. There seems to be a Star Wars fan (or two or three) in the family. (Yes, I have a knack for picking up on subtleties. 😉.)

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  7. A really happy photo 🙂

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  8. OMG! And you didn’t invite me over?? Never too late… Just saying! Any AT-AT in the lot? It has been a dream of mine ever since I was a little girl! Merry Christmas a little behind!! xx

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  9. Warm and priceless. I hope your family had a wonderful Christmas!

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