A Bucket Of Thanks

By: sonofabeach96

Jan 24 2018

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First, a disclaimer: I know I’ve mentioned to a couple of y’all lately that I am an “award-free” site, and have been for a while.  I certainly hope I don’t offend anyone by answering these questions but not others.  I always appreciate when someone thinks of me when doling out nominations and such.  I truly appreciate that nod.

That said, I have agreed to, if not accept this award, to at least partake of the questions posed to me and, hopefully, introduce some of you to a relatively new blogger.  Her name is Britt and her site is called A Little Sunshine.

If you haven’t visited her, I recommend it.  She’s great, and a fellow Kentuckian, albeit a transplanted one, who also doesn’t cheer for the hated Kittens over in Lessington.  That’s all I needed to hear to like her.  😃

Anyway, give her a visit.  It’s worth the time.


Here are her questions, and my likely insignificant answers:

What is your favorite food?

That’s a tough one, because, ya’ know, I’m a guy.  I like food…period.  All I know is this: it’d likely be something Italian.

What’s your favorite desert?

My paternal grandmother was a fantastic cook, and baker, and her specialties sweet-wise were merengue pies.  Chocolate, coconut cream, and, my all-time favorite, lemon.

Something silly that always makes you smile?

My 3 boys.

IPhone or Android preference?

I bitch about Apple and their greedy ways and planned obsolescence, but I am indeed an iPhone user.  Apple still sucks though.

Why did you create your blog?

I initially started it as a journal of sorts, and it was instigated by some issues I had, and continue to have, with my dad.  That first post has been deleted now, as I’m kinda over the whole thing and have accepted that it is what it is.  That was in June of 2015.  This site has changed a bit over the time between then and now, and I’m mostly photo-centric, with a bit of music thrown in, at this point.  Though, I have used this platform to rant about shit from time to time, and will likely continue to do so.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? and why?

I have travelled extensively in my 49 years, and have lived every minute of it.  But, there are still several bucket list items left to check off.  Australia, Fiji, Alaska, Brazil, and others.  If I had to pick one though, I’d go with Greece, Santorini in particular.  Why?  Because it looks friggin’ awesome!

How often do you add a new post to your blog?

Not sure how I mange to do so, but generally at least once a day.  So long as I continue to enjoy it, I suppose I’ll keep that up.

What is your greatest goal in life?

Being a great dad and husband.

What is your highest achievement?

Being a dad.

If you had the ability to change one thing in this crazy planet, what would it be and why?

I’ve never understood why we can’t all just accept our differences, and embrace the diversity and the unique nature of humanity as a whole.  It makes no sense to me that humans are taught to hate and look down upon others simply because of skin color or borders or some other lame reason born out of the Dark Ages.  It’s bullshit, frankly.  I’ve used this term a couple of times just today: change begins at home.  Hate is not something we are born with.  It’s a learned behavior.  If I could change one thing about this world?  We’d all just get along.


Thanks to Britt for thinking of me with the nomination.  It’s great to be recognized by a peer and I so appreciate it.  But, in lieu of nominating anyone myself, I’ll direct you back to her instead.  Give her a visit.  You’ll enjoy it.


38 comments on “A Bucket Of Thanks”

  1. Nice to learn a little more about you… Thanks to Britt for nominating you 🙂

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  2. Diversity 🙂

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  3. Such a pleasure to meet you here and have a chance to get to know you through your photos and now your words. Off to visit Britt now 😊

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  4. Great answers! I have those places on my bucket list too. So much to see, so little time!

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    • Oh man, no doubt, Doc. Soon as I win the lottery…. 😃😃

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      • What? You’re not using all that extra cash you’re saving in taxes? 😏

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      • Dang it, Doc. Don’t get me started. I’m in a good mood today. 😃😃

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      • Haha! Oops! Sorry!

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      • Oh man, I got into it with my own aunt last night…on J’s Facebook page! It was ugly. These people are fucking nuts, man. I finally asked her, “What, exactly, has this administration done for YOU, to make you so adamantly support his bullshit?” Radio silence. Crickets. I just don’t get it. That whole thing started over J’s response to a friends post about the tariff put on solar panels. It’s ridiculous. I’m better off just staying out of those discussions. That incident, combined with us choking away the game at Miami last night, and my blood pressure was off the charts probably. 😃😃

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      • Yes, the solar panel tariff supposedly to help American jobs? Hello, we don’t really make solar panels, American jobs center around installation. This only helps suppress the solar industry here. And make fossil fuels the more affordable option! 😡

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      • Exactly!!! God. It seems so obvious. And when you have a former Exxon CEO in a cabinet position? Really? How fucking stupid do they think we are…and how stupid are his sheep for not seeing it? My god. See, BP rising again. Arrrgggghhhhhh!!!! 😠

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      • Serenity now! Serenity now! Sorry, man! Didn’t mean to get you fired up again! 😂

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      • Doesn’t take much right now, when politics and society are the topic. I need a joint and a bourbon on the rocks, then all that shit fades right away. 😃

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      • I hear you. I limit my exposure sometimes. Not that I want to bury my head in the sand, but I just get too upset. So I take a news break!

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      • Yep. It gets to be too much. Life’s too short to let a bunch millionaires rule my thoughts. I say to hell with them all. Nothing they do is for us anyway. 😏

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  5. Thank you so much!! This is just icing on my birthday cake and a great ending to my birthday! I had a really hard day yesterday because this shooting that took place yesterday actually happened in my county and Jacksson goes to the elementary school just right down the road. My neighbors children are safe but where witnesses to this tragedy! I picked Jacksson up early yesterday from school and it was the best feeling in the world to hug him when he came through the office doors to me . They cancelled school today because of it . I got to spend my entire birthday with both of my boys so it made for a really great birthday! I had a great dinner and my girlfriend came over with her kids and we had some wine and enjoyed each other’s company! Thank you so much again for making my bday that much better! I send Jacksson back to school tomorrow .. anyways I won’t blab lol ! Thanks again! Have a great night!!

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    • Oh wow! I didn’t realize y’all lived in Marshall County. I had a lot of people on WP ask me about it, but we live in Nelson County. Scary, scary stuff. My Jackson is 15, so it all hit a little too close to home for comfort. Happy belated Birthday, by the way. Glad y’all got to spend it together. 😊

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      • Thank you 🙂 me too! Yea we actually live in Benton. My Jacksson is 10 . I actually get a generic emails and calls for all of Marshall co schools and I freaked out when I got that first email . Our neighbor is 16 I think and he was actually helping other students that had been injured . So so scary! Super sad too . We are all in this together really!

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      • Yep. It can happen anywhere. Scary, indeed. Have y’all heard more about the kid that did it? There’s bound to be a story there. 😕

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      • I haven’t heard to much. I do know he was 15 . I also know Marshall Co is super “clicky” and a lot of people can be judge mental around here but I do think that’s anywhere . I also came across a picture of the kid and he’s heavier set with glasses . This picture though was spread by other students! The words across it were awful. They called him a lot of bad words along with “dweeb” and etc. Someone else heard that he dropped the gun when he ran out of bullets and went to hide and try to blend in with the other students.

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      • I wondered if it wasn’t a bullying situation. That in itself is sad. I almost think the kids who picked on him are somewhat complicit in this. Horrible. I feel awful for all involved, including the kid who did it. Such a shame. 😔

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      • I feel so bad for everyone involved as well. I completely agree with you! I also heard his parents were waiting at the middle school to pick him up, but instead found out he did this . I just couldn’t imagine! 😥

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      • My god. Just…. don’t even know what to say. So sad. 😔


  6. Nice. If you ever get to Australia or rather Melbourne give me a yell. Can play tour guide to you and your family. Lots of walking and lots of food.

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  7. It’s cool to learn more about you!

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  8. Nice:) Happy to get to know you:)

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  9. Love the response to the last question. So true!

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