Share Your World: January 22, 2018

By: sonofabeach96

Jan 28 2018

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Time for this week’s Share Your World from Cee’s Photography.


Here are Cee’s questions for the week

List 2 things you have to be happy about?

Just 2?  I could come up with a lot more things than that, but if I’m limited to only two, it’d be 1) my wife and boys, and 2) my friends.

Have you ever owned a rock, pet rock, or gem that is not jewelry?

My wife has always brought home interesting rocks from our travels, when we are in North Carolina especially.  That’s her home state, and she feels as though she’s coming back with a little piece of home.  I’m more of a shell collector myself.

Are you a hugger or a non-hugger?

If I know you?  Absolutely I am.  Our house is a very touchy feely place.  Often, much to our at-that-age boys’ chagrin.  Do I hug everyone I meet?  No.

What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week? Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination.

My oldest has Autism, and that means IEP’s and ARC meetings with teachers several times a year.  He’s a freshman in high school this year, so none of his teachers knew him, his needs, nor did we know them or how attentive they’d be.  We had one of the aforementioned ARC meetings this past Friday, and we are so…relieved…to find his teachers are, in fact, on point with his modifications.  They have suggestions, provide him a high level of encouragement, and, frankly, they push him.  They have all been wonderful and it is obvious they care.  And I feel like my child matters to them.  Good teachers are most certainly an inspiration, most importantly to their students.


My songs of the day are:

“Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With” by King Crimson

“Rock Hard In A Funky Place” by Prince

“Hug You Squeeze You” by Stevie Ray Vaughan

“Finally Made Me Happy” by Macy Gray

“Hold Me, Hug Me, Rock Me” by Jeff Beck

“Long Live Rock” by The Who

“So Happy” by James Blunt

“Rock This House” by B.B. King

24 comments on “Share Your World: January 22, 2018”

  1. It’s great that the teachers known what it needed and actually help him and care about him.


  2. Thank goodness for teachers that care!


  3. So happy for you that your freshman has good support from enthusiastic teachers. May he thrive in High School.

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  4. Great post, the last response…wonderful. Again

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  5. I am always so happy to hear when children get the support they need from their teachers and that the system is working for them. Far too often it’s the other way around.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, believe me, it’s nice to have support, but we’ve had to staunchly advocate for him since pre-school. But the teachers he has this year have been very receptive. It’s nice not to have to constantly roll heads. 😃

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      • I bet!! Just another reason why I left the education field. I even started to specialize in special education (since it was popular that year to get on the supply list) and that just made me more aware of the struggles for parents.

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      • Hasn’t been easy. Have to be a bulldog about it, that’s for sure. It’s exhausting at times. Gotta do what ya’ gotta do though. 😊

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  6. Loved learning a bit more about you and your family. I’m so glad your son has good supports. I’m an elementary EC teacher…and know the IEP from both the parent side and teacher side… not easy at times, but so glad that you have a good team on board. Makes such a difference!

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  7. We don’t have to hug, it’s cool. My step brother and stepdad are in different places on the spectrum. Going on family road trips was amazing. We can laugh about it…now.

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  8. Well hugs to you for parental support. Nice to hear parents that are involved and teachers. We were pretty much lucky to have good teachers that cared for our kids. At the grandkids high school, that is rare. Good luck for the rest of the school years. Btw, giving you a big one tight now!🤗😂

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  9. That is wonderful bringing a rock home from her home state! Congratulations on your son doing so well. It is such a good feeling knowing that caring people are helping our children! Hugs are great!

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